Whatsapp 5 New Cool Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Unblock WhatsApp Number
Unblock WhatsApp Number

In the world of technology, WhatsApp is a big name. A real-time messaging platform for all. With over 2 billion worldwide users, it always pushes very impressive yet important features time after time to serve the best user experience.

In this complete article guide, we will discuss the top 5 WhatsApp new features that will make your life easier than before.

Screen Sharing on Video Calls

WhatsApp identified users screen sharing problems while they are in a business conversation or want to share a screen with their fellow users.


With WhatsApp’s Screen sharing feature, Users get the solution and elements from third-party apps.

To use this feature users need to initiate with the “share” icon while they’re in a video call, after granting permission the screen-sharing feature will start working.

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Send High-Quality Photos

Users always ignored sharing their images through WhatsApp as the quality was always compromised.

After WhatsApp’s High-Quality Photos sending feature, users are given the power to share their images on the same resolution and pixels without compromising the quality.

Users need to select the “HD ” button while sharing images and the recipient will get HD images.

Voice Chats in Groups

To revolutionize the communication level, WhatsApp introduced voice chat options in groups, like Discord and Twitter spaces.

This feature allows users to receive voice notifications silently and doesn’t ring like voice calls. This feature was built to focus on dedicated conversations.

Edit Sent Media Captions

Editing media messages captions feature was dropped by WhatsApp to ensure the corrections users want to make.

This feature enables users to edit the media captions within 15 minutes of publishing. In order to use this feature you just need to click on the “Edit” option on the media message caption.

Create Groups Without Names

WhatsApp introduced their finest update allowing users to create groups without names.

The group’s name is automatically generated as per the group members if the group has six members.

People can also join your groups and will only see your numbers, just to ensure privacy.


Being at the #1 place in real-time messaging technology, WhatsApp usually comes with groundbreaking features to help users feel awesome.

These 5 WhatsApp features will definitely make an impact on our digital communication. Let us know which feature you personally like the most. We’re all ears to you.




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