Mark Zuckerberg Releasing New Details on WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp working on new Chat feature
WhatsApp working on new Chat feature

The co-founder of the social media website Facebook, and Chairman and CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg are reportedly Releasing new details on the WhatsApp community and other new upcoming WhatsApp features for the first time.

You have been reading several details about community features over the past few months. You must know that this under-development feature allows you to manage your WhatsApp groups in a better way by using some admin tools.

In this latest report by the leading WhatsApp news tracker WABetaInfo, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WhatsApp’s Parent company Meta has defined this internal testing feature as a major evolution of the WhatsApp messaging system. Mark Zuckerberg made this announcement while sharing his vision for WhatsApp communities. Know more in this article.


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Zuckerberg is releasing details on the WhatsApp new communities feature

In previous months WABetaInfo had already announced some information about the communities feature. The leading WhatsApp news portal had spotted that the platform is adding a new section in the app where the group admins can bring all the related groups under one umbrella. In this latest update, Mark Zuckerberg has made it official by announcing the feature through his official post.

According to his post, he is heavily involved with the developer’s team regarding the product vision and is playing an integral part in the development of the WhatsApp communities feature. The post further mentions that the introduction of the community will prove to be the next generation of private messaging.


As per the reports, this feature will not only let you communicate with just close contacts but also with other people in a more private and better way. This will be very useful for schools as they can group all their teaching classes in WhatsApp communities fully sharing the important announcement with parents. This feature will also help WhatsApp groups to find information easily and stay connected with people.

Just like WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp can also end suspicious communities by using an advanced machine learning technology that automatically searches such communities according to subgroup names, descriptions, and submitted reports of community members. The meta CEO and WhatsApp have also declared their plans for coming new features on the app.


The first on the list of upcoming features are:

Message Reactions – WhatsApp has already released the ability to react to messages to certain WhatsApp beta for Android users. According to the reports the platform will be rolling out the feature to more users in the next updates.

Sharing Large Media Files – WhatsApp has released a new feature to some Argentinian users that brings the ability to share media files up to 2GB in size. Now the platform plans to roll out the same feature in other countries too in coming updates.


Increasing Group Call Limits – As per the reports WhatsApp is planning to increase the group call limit up to 32 participants in a future update. However, the reports have also mentioned that this limit can vary according to the devices all the call participants are using.

Delete Messages For Everyone – This feature will give the group admins the ability to delete messages for everyone in groups. The platform will release this feature in a future update after some modifications.

Exit Group – According to the sources group participants will be able to exit a group silently i.e. without notifying anybody in the future.

Bigger Group Size – It is reported that the popular Global messenger is planning to increase the group capacity after more tools are enabled for admins as well as participants in the future.


Zuckerberg releasing new details on WhatsApp new communities feature

It is already known that WhatsApp provides a high level of security to its users. All of WhatsApp’s messaging and call features are fully end-to-end encrypted. This means nobody, not even WhatsApp or its Parent company Meta can read or listen to your communication. For more information regarding the new details of all upcoming WhatsApp, features follow Mark Zuckerberg’s post and also the official blog post.


As already mentioned the Meta company chairman has a very high Outlook on the WhatsApp communities feature. He claims that a large number of users will get high benefits from this feature when it is available. He has added that the company has already started testing this feature and has plans to roll it out to all users gradually over the coming months. To discover more news and real-time updates about WhatsApp keep reading us.

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