Record your calls without alerting the other party with ODialer app

Call Record by ODialer app
Call Record by ODialer app

ODialer call recording application is an amazing application that helps you record your calls without alerting the other party on the call. This useful application is a convenient privacy tool that works in stealth mode.

Generally, when you record any call, you can hear an on-call voice disclaimer that informs the other person that their call is being recorded. This app removes this disclaimer and keeps your work secret.

Recording calls can prove to be very helpful in various situations. This can serve as evidence and protect you against disputes.


But some people may find this meddling with their right to privacy. So if you were looking for an app that would record your calls without alerting the other person that their call is being recorded, then this is the best app for you.

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ODialer app – Record your calls freely

ODialer is a utility application with many wonderful features. As the name suggests, its main function is to let you record your phone calls without worries.

With this app now you can make call recordings freely without making the other person feel suspicious or get offended about their call being recorded.

You must be knowing that other Android dialer applications for voice recording come with the on-call voice disclaimer that informs the people about the call recording.

Whereas this app quietly does its work by simply removing this disclaimer.

Other than call recording, the ODialer application makes your phone calls powerful with other features like Calls and Contacts management, and dialpad.

With the Call management feature, you can organize all your recent calls into groups so that you can view them in an easy and convenient way.

With its speed dial feature, you can select your top contacts to make calls quickly and easily. The Contact management feature manages all your contacts right in one place.

With ODialer you can record your calls in two ways. You can either choose to record manually by selecting the particular numbers you want to register or choose the ‘auto mode’ which will automatically start recording all your calls.

Other than these features the app also supports other functions like dark mode and etc. ODialer is a free-to-use Android application with a very simple and easy-to-use interface.

The required operating system for the app to run is Android 12 and above. To use this app download and install it on your smartphone.

It does not need any special permission to work. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided below on our website.

Get it on Google Play


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