Tips And Tricks Of Google Chrome Browser.
Tips And Tricks Of Google Chrome Browser.

Friends, you must know about the Chrome browser. There are many people who also use the Chrome browser. But do you know what? Some tips and tricks of the Chrome browser that you might not know about. Today I will tell you some such tips and tricks. If you know about the Chrome browser, you will get a lot of help, so let me tell you. what is google chrome

If you want to go, then read this article carefully and read it to the last because inside this article I will tell you five tips and tricks about the Chrome browser. I will go step by step in the entire detail so that you can be explained and you can also share it among your friends.

What Is Chrome?

Google Chrome is a web browser designed to run the Internet. Opera was the most popular browser before Chrome. But after the introduction of Google Chrome in the market, the popularity of opera has reduced and today 70% of opera users of chrome have remained 30% users.


The Google Chrome browser was released in 2008. Not one person who made it but many people, named Jeff Nelson, Invented Chromebook, Former GoogleInvented, Chromebook, former Googler.

Chrome has been the biggest contributor to building the browser. Jeff Nelson, Anonymous, Sundar PN 1000 members together developed the Google Chrome browser.

5 tips and tricks of Google Chrome.

So let me tell you 5 such tips and tricks about Google Chrome.

1. Keep personal information safe.

There is also an advanced feature of Google Chrome in which you can save your personal information history app extension settings autofill themes bookmark password open tabs. For this, you can sync the option according to your login by logging into Google Chrome.

For this, you go to the settings of the Chrome browser and click on Advanced Settings. Now a popup window will open. You can save all options by selecting sync everything on it and by choosing what do sync you want to sync, you can use that option.

2. Easy And Fast Calculation.

storage, energy, length, mass, and many more that you can calculate. Select the song you want to sing and select your option on the second number and you will get the result on the third number. The best thing about using Chrome calculation is that it works very easily and fast.

3. Safe Browsing.

You will know about saving browsing in Chrome. But do you know that you can also do personal book marketing in the Chrome browser? That is, you can save all the data in a different folder.

For this, you go to the arrow of 3 lines and click on the bookmark open page or you can open the bookmark open page by pressing the CTRL + Shift + D key. When the page is open, you can give it any name. Clicking on your save Book Marketing of all windows open in Chrome will be saved in this page.

4. Open Link New Windows.

While working, we often need to open a link on a website in New Windows. In this case, we copy the link with the mouse and paste it into the new type. It has such a solution in very chrome that you can open any link in a new type without losing 1 second time.

For this, all you have to do is to press the Ctrl button and click on the link whenever a link has to be opened in a new type. By doing this, that link will automatically open in a new type tomorrow.

5. Task Manager.

Google Chrome has its own task manager to protect the Chrome browser from hacking. If your Chrome browser is hacked at any time, you can go to the Chrome Text Manager to see the process running in the background and disable extra processing. For this, you have to click on these processes.

To go to the Chrome task manager, click on the 3 line arrow on the right side of the Chrome browser and go to more tools. After moving to more, the options that will be shown will have the option of Task Manager, click on it.

I have told you about the 5 tips and tricks of Google Chrome browser in full detail, then I hope. You must have understood.

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