Chandrayaan 3 Landing on Moon
Chandrayaan 3 Landing on Moon

One of the finest scientific research centers with splendid researchers and Indian pride, ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organisation) has achieved a remarkable milestone and created history as Chandrayaan 3 successful landing on the moon.

This successful landing of the Vikram lender of Chandrayaan 3 happened on the moon’s south polar region.

On the momentous day 23 of August, the Whole world witnessed the power of Indian scientists. Let’s know more about how Chandrayaan 3 made its way to the moon.


Journey to the Moon: Chandrayaan 3’s Bold Mission

After an inch of defeat back in 2019 all ISRO scientists were worried about making it happen. Chandrayaan 3 was India’s third lunar mission.

Anticipation was at its peak when Vikram’s lander touched the surface of the moon.

There was a lot at stake within this mission. This mission was fueled by the vision of India’s advanced research organizations.

Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live: A Nation’s Eagerness Unites

A wave of huge excitement was there once the news came that Vikram Lander was about to touch down on the surface of the moon.

Everyone was excited and worried at the same time. Prime Minister of India- Mr. Narendra Modi was also involved to see what was happening through live coverage by multiple channels.

The whole nation was eagerly waiting for the moment. This coverage was not just to captivate the hearts of space enthusiasts but to showcase India’s courage in space and technology.

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Precision and Perseverance: Challenges of Lunar Landing and Glory

It wasn’t at all simple to land on the moon’s south polar region. The whole ISRO had to come across multiple challenges, be it precise navigation, managing gravitational forces, and ensuring communication balance during the project.

Although there were challenges after the Chandrayaan 3 touched down the surface of the moon.

All panelists based in ISRO started celebrating along with their team members. People were emotional yet excited.

The Prime Minister was also waving the Indian flag when the final good news was announced.


One of the most anticipated missions of ISRO, to land on the moon’s south polar region was accomplished successfully.

Chandrayaan 3 successfully helped itself land on the moon.

This was a proud moment for the whole nation as this event showcased India’s capabilities to serve in space science as well as the courage to lead future space activities in front of the world.

Feel free to share your experiences while the landing was ongoing. We would love to see your responses in the comments below.



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