The ‘Click here’ Trend on X (Twitter) is Taking the Internet by Storm – Here’s Why!

Click here Trend on X
Click here Trend on X

Recently, X, which used to be Twitter, had lots of posts with a simple picture. The picture had big words “click here” and a downward arrow. This ‘Click here’ Trend on X made many people, including big political parties like BJP, AAP, and Shiv Sena, feel confused. Let’s find out what this trend means and why it caused confusion.

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What is ‘Click here’ trend on X?

The ‘Click here’ trend is about a special feature called “alt text” on X, marked by a downward arrow.


This feature helps people who can’t see well. It describes images with words so that those who use special technology like text-to-speech or Braille can understand what the picture is about.

This trend is important because it shows that X wants everyone, including those with disabilities, to enjoy and understand the content shared on the platform.

Even though this feature has been around since 2016, the recent surge in ‘Click here’ posts shows that X is still working to make the platform better for everyone.

Netizens React to ‘Click here’ trend

The ‘Click here’ trend got different reactions from people, including politicians:

  1. Priyanka Chaturvedi from Shiv Sena was surprised to see so many “Click here” posts on her timeline.
  2. People on different social media platforms also felt confused and asked for explanations about the trend.
  3. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) talked about politics using the trend, showing they’re involved in online trends.
  4. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) used the trend to tell people about an event, showing how political parties use social media trends.

Wind Up

The ‘Click here’ trend on X isn’t just about a simple picture with words. It’s about making the platform easier for everyone to use, especially for those with disabilities.

Even though it confused many, even big political parties like BJP, AAP, and Shiv Sena, it’s a good step towards making the internet better for everyone.

Understanding and using these trends can help make technology easier for everyone to access. As X grows and changes, trends like ‘Click here’ remind us how important it is to make technology work for everyone.



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