How to Download YouTube Videos: A Step-by-Step Guide

Download YouTube Videos
Download YouTube Videos

YouTube has splendid information and entertainment, but watching videos consume a lot of data, especially in high quality. For Indian users, this can quickly exhaust monthly data allocations or lead to hefty phone bills.

Hence, learning how to download YouTube videos is crucial for offline viewing convenience and cost-saving measures.

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What You Need to Download YouTube Videos

To download YouTube videos for offline access, acquiring a YouTube Premium subscription is essential. This subscription not only grants privileges like Background Play and Ad-Free viewing but also facilitates video downloads across devices.

While various 3rd party apps claim to offer free video downloads, they often harbour malware and violate YouTube’s terms of service.

To subscribe to YouTube Premium, users can navigate to the YouTube app, access the You tab, and proceed to sign up for the desired plan.

Prices vary depending on the subscription type and region, typically starting at $11.99 monthly in the US. However, it’s advisable to utilise the free trial option before committing, as YouTube Premium availability varies by location.

How to Download YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing

Once subscribed to YouTube Premium, downloading videos is a straightforward process. Users simply need to select a video on the YouTube app, tap the Download button displayed below the channel information, and the video will be saved for offline viewing.

However, it’s important to note that the download feature is primarily applicable to long-form videos, with YouTube Shorts currently exempted.

Furthermore, users must reconnect their devices to the internet every 48 hours to ensure access to downloaded videos and receive updates on any modifications or removals by creators.

Where to Find Your Downloaded YouTube Videos

Locating downloaded videos within the YouTube app involves accessing the You tab and selecting the Downloads option.

Here, users can manage their offline video library and leverage Smart downloads, enabling automatic downloading of recommended content for offline viewing.

Customization options for Smart downloads, including storage limits and video quality settings, are available to optimize user preferences.

Wind Up

While a YouTube Premium subscription incurs a nominal monthly fee, its benefits extend beyond video downloads, encompassing features like background play and access to YouTube Music.

For users seeking a seamless and legal method to download YouTube videos, YouTube Premium proves to be a worthwhile investment, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment without data concerns.



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