YouTube Create App Will Help You To Edit Long And Short Videos For Free

YouTube Create App
YouTube Create App

YouTube has recently announced an expansion of its Create video editing app, specifically designed for producing YouTube Shorts content. The YouTube Create app, initially introduced at the Made

On showcase event last September, offers various features aimed at simplifying the creation of intricate video compositions for content creators.

With YouTube Create App, creators can effortlessly edit both long and short videos for free. Here we’ll explore how the YouTube Create app can aid creators in editing their videos seamlessly.


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How To Create A Project On YouTube Create App

To begin with, utilising the YouTube Create app is fairly simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a project:

  1. Sign In: Open the YouTube Create app and sign in to your Google account.
  2. Start a Project: On the home screen, tap on the plus sign to initiate a new project.
  3. Add Media: Choose photos and videos from your gallery to incorporate into your project.
  4. Import: Lastly, tap on Import to add selected photos and videos to your project.

YouTube Creates Expands To 13 More Markets

YouTube Create offers a myriad of editing functionalities, including audio clean-up to remove background disturbances and automatic captions available in English, Hindi, and Spanish.

Additionally, creators can use many different filters, effects, transitions, and lots of free music and sound effects. The application allows for direct publishing to YouTube for both Shorts and long-form content.

As of now, users in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey can access the tool.

YouTube Create, resembling CapCut, provides a comprehensive toolkit to personalise and optimise visual narratives, aiming to enhance the allure and impact of video clips.

Wind Up

YouTube Create App is a fantastic tool for editing long and short videos for free.

It’s simple to use and packed with cool features. With its expansion to more countries, more people can now enjoy creating amazing content for YouTube.

If you’ve just started or are an experienced creator, YouTube Create offers a splendid way to enhance your videos. So, if you’re looking for a free and easy-to-use video editing app, give YouTube Create a go!



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