Humane AI Pin Shipping Update
Humane AI Pin Shipping Update

Get ready for the future of tech with Humane’s AI Pin! The cool gadget is finally shipping updated in March 2024, bringing a whole new way to use technology.

Humane’s AI Pin Shipping Update: March 2024

Exciting news! Humane just tweeted that the AI Pin will start shipping in March 2024. They’re super happy and thankful to everyone who supported them.

If you ordered early, you’re in luck—you’ll be among the first to get your hands on this cool gadget.


Priority Shipping and Order Sequence

Humane is making sure things are fair. If you ordered early, you’re a priority. They’ll send the AI Pins based on when people place their orders.

So, if you were quick, you’d be one of the first to enjoy your new tech toy.

Humane AI Pin Specifications

Let’s talk about what makes the AI Pin awesome. It’s a small, square gadget you can wear. It uses smart tech from OpenAI and Microsoft, and you’ll need a $24 monthly subscription for it to work.

The special thing? It has a laser display that shows stuff on your palm. Cool, right?

It’s light, just 34 grams, with a 20-gram battery booster. It has a good camera and a special speaker.

You can even connect it to Bluetooth headphones. No need to download apps—it’s smart and figures things out on its own.

Winding up

Humane’s AI Pin is not just a gadget; it’s like having a smart friend with you. March 2024 is when the fun begins, and if you ordered early, you’re in for a treat.

The Humane’s AI Pin with its shipping update is bringing the future to your fingertips, making tech a part of your everyday life in a super easy and cool way. Can’t wait for everyone to try it out!



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