iPhone 15 Faster Charging Speed: Up to 35W Charging Supported

iPhone 15 Faster Charging
iPhone 15 Faster Charging

In the vast world of smartphones, apple has been consistently serving top-notch technological advancements. The upcoming iPhone 15 has always been collecting a lot of hype as reports say the iPhone 15 is coming with fast charging speed. This article has covered everything related to the buzz, let’s dive into it.

iPhone 15 Might Support Charging Speeds Up to 35W

Anticipation about the upcoming iPhone 15 release has taken an exciting move. it’s getting a lot of buzz as reports from trusted sources indicate the possibility of the device supporting charging speeds of up to 35W.

This is the best advancement Apple has served to their users and that is far better than previous iPhone 14 models which could achieve a maximum speed of charging up to 27W.


Although pro models of the iPhone 14 charge faster but shifting to 35W charging will definitely enhance the speed of the iPhone 15.

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Embracing USB-C for Enhanced Performance

USB-C always plays a big role in order to charge a device quickly. Industry insiders have shared insights, revealing that “at least some” of the iPhone 15 variants are engineered to support this higher wattage.

These boosted speeds are expected to be accessible with MFi-certified USB-C chargers. including a 20W power adapter adds more value to fasting the charging.

Optimal Charging Partners: MFi-Certified Accessories

While Apple never bundles power adapters within the device boxes. it continues to prioritize user experience by endorsing third-party accessories for optimal performance.

With the potential performance of the iPhone 15 can handle 35W charging. users might help themselves to employ the 39W MacBook Air charger or 35W dual USB-C charger for maximized speed.


The buzz around iPhone 15 fast charging speed is really going to help users as it was the issue users always wanted to get resolved.

As always Apple has addressed the problem and now letting users love their technology more. Let us know your views on this amazing move from apple inc.




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