Samsung Unpacked Event 2024: S24 Phones, Galaxy AI, and Galaxy Ring

Samsung Unpacked Event
Samsung Unpacked Event

Today, let’s talk about Samsung’s most anticipated special event where they showed off some new phones called Galaxy S24. Samsung unpacked event these S24 phones have cool features like something called Galaxy AI, and there’s a surprise too – a new thing called Galaxy Ring for your health.

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Galaxy S24 brings AI, brighter screens, and more

The main stars of the show were the Galaxy S24 phones. They have a clever thing called on-device generative AI, which means the phone can do smart things all by itself.


Remember when ChatGPT became famous in 2022? These phones have a bit of that magic. They use this special chip called Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 to make the magic happen.

The Galaxy AI in these phones can do cool tricks like translating languages in real-time, suggesting different tones for messages, and even making videos look slow when they are not. The top-tier model, Galaxy S24 Ultra, is extra special.

It’s made with strong materials, has a super good camera, and more memory. It costs $1,300, a bit more than last year.

Samsung is also thinking about nature. They use recycled things in the phone, like old batteries and special elements in the speakers. And guess what? These phones promise to stay updated for seven years. That’s a long time!

Pricing and Upgrades

Now, let’s talk about money. The Galaxy S24 starts at $800, the S24 Plus at $1,000, and the fancy S24 Ultra at $1,300. But here’s some good news – the older phones are now cheaper. Last year’s Galaxy S23 was $700, and the S23 FE was only $600.

One More Thing… Galaxy Ring

Okay, here’s the exciting part. At the end of the event, Samsung surprised us with something new – the Galaxy Ring.

It’s a smart thing you wear, like a ring, that can check your health. How cool is that? We don’t know everything about it yet, like how much it costs or when it comes out. But we are excited to find out!

Wind Up

So, As we wind things up, the Samsung Unpacked event was all about the Galaxy S24 phones with the amazing Galaxy AI and a surprise ending with the Galaxy Ring. Samsung cares about the Earth too, using recycled stuff in their phones.

And guess what? The phones will stay good for seven years! So, if you want a phone with some magic and care for the planet, Samsung’s got you covered. And keep an eye out for more details about the Galaxy Ring – it might be the next big thing!



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