Send Message without saving number Story Saver.

If you want to send a message without saving numbers to your contact for WhatsApp chats and messages, here is an app for you. Send a message without saving contact Story Downloader for WhatsApp is a WhatsApp tool that opens WhatsApp chat message without phone number being saved to the contact list.
Sometimes you want a contact to open in WhatsApp and send a message without saving into contact. This app lets you send a message to the WhatsApp number without saving the number.


Enter a number or select the number from call logs by clicking the call log button.
Write a message you want to send to the number and tap the send button
The message will take you to the official app and will be shown there. Just tap the send in WhatsApp to manually send the message.
Similarly, you can achieve to send a multimedia message. Tap on send media and then tap on attach button in to add an attachment in the official app.
Note: You should choose the country code with the number otherwise it will be considered a wrong contact. Choose the country code by selection from the code button.


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