WhatsApp Testing New Features: QR Code Sharing and Similar Channel Suggestions

WhatsApp QR Code Sharing Features
WhatsApp QR Code Sharing Features

WhatsApp, the beloved messaging platform, is on the verge of unveiling two exciting new features: QR code sharing and Similar Channel Suggestions. These additions aim to simplify interactions and enhance user satisfaction with the app.

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QR Code Sharing

Gone are the days of hunting through settings to find your QR code on WhatsApp. With the upcoming update, sharing your unique QR code will be as easy as pie.


A convenient shortcut within the chats tab will enable users to swiftly exchange contact information with friends, eliminating unnecessary hassle and expediting connections.

Similar Channel Suggestions

Ever wished for an easier way to discover new content on WhatsApp? Enter Similar Channel Suggestions. Drawing inspiration from Instagram’s recommendation system, this feature will suggest channels akin to the ones you already follow.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling in search of interesting content—WhatsApp’s algorithm will do the heavy lifting for you, presenting verified channels that align with your preferences.

Benefits for Users and Channel Owners

The benefits of these new features extend to both users and channel owners alike. For users, the QR code shortcut means no more fumbling through menus to share contact details—just quick and seamless sharing directly from the chats tab.

Similarly, Similar Channel Suggestions alleviate the burden of content discovery, presenting users with relevant channels tailored to their interests.

On the flip side, channel owners stand to gain increased visibility and engagement. Channel owners can grow their audience and connect better with followers, making their presence stronger on the platform.

Wind Up

To sum up, WhatsApp is getting ready to Test New Features: QR code sharing and Similar Channel Suggestions. With these features, sharing contact info and discovering new content will be easier, making WhatsApp more enjoyable for everyone.

As these features are tested and improved, users can expect WhatsApp to become easier and more fun to use.

Whether it’s quickly sharing contact details or finding interesting things to read or watch, WhatsApp is always working to make its users happy.



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