Windows 12 Arriving Soon: Leaks, Rumors, and More

Windows 12 Arriving Soon
Windows 12 Arriving Soon

Let’s delve into the anticipated features and changes that Windows 12 might bring in 2024, based on credible leaks and rumors. Microsoft’s development timeline hints at a quicker release compared to the transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

When Is Windows 12 Coming Out?

Major indicators point to a 2024 release for Windows 12, with Microsoft adjusting its update cadence.

The company’s shift to annual feature updates adds weight to this speculation. Intel’s CFO further fueled the anticipation, citing an expected boost in PC sales with the new Windows version.


The Main Source of Windows 12 Leaks

Windows Central’s Zac Bowden stands out as a reliable source, offering insights into Windows 12.

Noteworthy leaks include AI integration, a shift to lightweight modular code, and the codename “Hudson Valley.”

A Peek at the Windows 12 Desktop at Ignite

Microsoft Ignite unveiled a glimpse of Windows 12’s potential desktop interface.

While design changes seem subtle compared to the Windows 10 to 11 transition, the image features a floating taskbar, altered system icon placement, and a new weather button.

Is Windows as a Service Gone?

Despite Windows 10’s “Windows as a service” model, Windows 11 continues the trend of regular updates.

Expect Windows 12 to follow suit, evolving with feature updates and interim releases.

Will Windows 12 Require a Subscription?

Speculation around a “subscription edition” raises questions about a potential shift in Windows 12’s pricing model.

While concerns exist, it remains uncertain if subscriptions will be mandatory for all users or limited to specific editions.

Windows 12 Will Have More Built-In AI

Building on Windows 11’s AI tools, Windows 12 is poised to enhance user-facing predictive and assistive features.

AI advancements could extend beyond user action suggestions to backend improvements like code stability and update delivery.

Componentization and Core PC

The concept of a modular Windows, referred to as Core OS or CorePC, gains traction. This approach aims for smoother updates, better security, and tailored instances of Windows for specific platforms.

Windows X serves as an earlier example of this approach, influencing Windows 11’s design.

The Best Way to See What’s Coming to Windows

Enrolling in the Windows Insider program provides early access to upcoming features. The program’s channels, from Canary to Release Preview, offer different levels of stability and feature readiness.

This insider perspective gives a firsthand look at interface tweaks, new apps, and improved capabilities.

Windows Now

With Windows 11 adoption still growing, the prospect of Windows 12 might seem premature.

However, considering Microsoft’s historical release patterns, Windows 12 is on the horizon, promising exciting changes for users willing to embrace the future of the operating system.

Wind Up

As we await official confirmation from Microsoft, as Windows 12 is arriving, the leaks and rumors surround a compelling picture of a dynamic and AI-driven operating system.

Whether it’s the potential subscription model or modular design, Windows 12 is poised to bring significant advancements to the Windows ecosystem.

Stay tuned for updates as we approach the expected release in 2024.



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