Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 Launched : All You Need to Know

Apple Watch Series 9
Apple Watch Series 9

The most exciting event on the Apple calendar this year was their Launch Event which was held aptly at the Steve Jobs Theater. The keynote speech for this year’s Launch Event was, “The Wanderlust”.

How exquisite! Amongst the products Apple introduced Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 launch. Both are fascinating products in their own right, so let’s dive in with the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

This is a phenomenal phone, known best for its ability to transcend boundaries.


You can go with it to the highest altitudes, dive in deep water (40 meters down), and Travel the roughest, toughest terrains in all weather;

It will still be loyally wrapped around you. It is also fondly renowned for being a favorite with marathoners, runners, and fitness gurus; all of who devoted praise her for her performance.

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About the Apple Watch Ultra 2

Firstly, it uses the same S9 Sip as the Apple Watch Series 9. A marvelous thing as this is one of the most advanced chips on the market.

Not surprisingly, it shares the amazing new Double Tap feature that is a rave with the Apple Watch Series 9.

Features of the Apple Watch Ultra 2

  • 36 Hrs battery life
  • Precision finding for iPhone – double GPS
  • New cycling features
  • An expanded altitude range
  • Double Tap feature
  • Brand new colors
  • Carbon neutral
  • Brightest display Apple has ever created
  • Action Button that is customizable
  • 3000 nits
  • Flashlight boost
  • Activates automatically in the dark
  • Dive to 40 meters
  • On-device Siri
  • Modular Ultra watch face

Apple Watch Series 9

For this amazing watch phone, we must begin by making the most noise for the Double Tap feature.

All users have to do is Double Tap their fingers and this action executes an action on your screen.

This feature is extremely handy especially when both your hands are otherwise occupied.

Whether you are cooking, at the gym, eating, or whatever activity it was that you used to do that made it difficult to pick up your phone, well now all you have to do is Double Tap.

This function has most certainly made navigation easier and greatly improved the user experience.

Another primary upgrade is the advanced processing chip that it now possesses, the S9 Sip.

With regard to its appearance, it will not look very different from traditional models. However, it will come with some dazzling new colors. These are Starlight, Midnight, a gorgeous Pink, Product Red and Silver.

These shall be the colors of the aluminum case. The stainless steel cases shall come in gold, silver, and graphite.

The Apple Watch Series 9 has a large screen display that provides a fantastic visual experience. This display will adapt to whatever your activities are thus saving your battery life.

Other features of the Apple Watch Series 9 Include:

  • All day battery
  • Siri requests are processed on devices making them faster and more secure. This means that the most common request no longer has to go to the phone so it can not be slowed down by a poor WiFi or poor connection.
  • Access to your health data through Siri (Available later in the year, in English and Mandarin)
  • Name Drop


While the anticipation is at its peak, Apple is ready with the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 launch.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 will retail at $799 while the Apple Watch Series 9 will be going for $399.

If you wish to make a pre-order, you will be able to do this any day from the 15th of September. Both phones shall be available at shops and stores from the 22nd of September.




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