How to Create Trending 3D Illustration AI Images for Instagram: Copy and Paste 3D Prompt

Create Trending 3D Illustration AI Images
Create Trending 3D Illustration AI Images

Social media’s dynamic nature ensures that Instagram trends undergo constant transformations. One of the latest trends captivating users involves sharing 3D illustration images that you create using Bing or Copilot app, crafted using Artificial Intelligence (AI) image-creator tools.

Scrolling through Instagram, you’ve likely encountered mesmerizing images like the AI wings chair or a 3D illustration digital avatar.

These eye-catching visuals are the product of Bing Image Creator, a powerful and free AI image generation tool developed by Microsoft in collaboration with OpenAI’s renowned text-to-image model, DALL.E 3.


Please copy and Paste These 3D Illustration Prompts that we’re giving below to Create Trending AI Images from Instagram

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How to Create 3D Illustration AI Images?

Embarking on the journey to create these stunning AI images is uncomplicated with Bing Image Creator. Whether through the website, Bing app, or Microsoft Copilot app on your smartphone, the process remains seamless.

Copy and paste the provided text prompts, including your name, to generate unique AI images. Sign in with your Microsoft account and select your preferred image from the four generated options.

3D Illustration Text Prompts to Copy and Paste for AI Image Generation

1. AI Wings Chair Photo Text Prompt (Example)

Create Trending 3D Illustration AI Images

Imagine a celestial scene: a boy in a black shirt seated on a wingback chair, adorned in sneakers, a cricket cap, and sunglasses. Surround him with the text “Your Name” on a black wall, ensuring the absence of shadows and adding wings for an angelic touch.

2. AI Image Character Sitting on Instagram Logo (Example)

Envision an animated character casually seated atop the Instagram logo, dressed in modern attire.

The background showcases a social media profile page with the username “MetaStory” and a matching profile picture.

3. Working on a Laptop with a YouTube Logo (Example)

Bring a 30-year-old bearded developer to life, immersed in software development with a 3D YouTube logo in the backdrop.

The attire includes a red & white casual shirt, glasses, and headphones. Customize the social media profile page with the username “MetaStory” and a corresponding profile picture.

4. AI Image Illustration with 3D Logo (Example)

Picture a male character seated on a LinkedIn icon, featuring a beard, glasses, jacket, jeans, and shoes.

The background showcases a social media profile page with the username “MetaStory” and the addition of “YouTuber” next to it.

5. Cute Couple AI Image Text Prompt (Example)

Craft an adorable image of an 18-year-old couple in a wing chair. The boy wears a black shirt, pants, and sunglasses, while the girl dons a black saree and sunglasses.

Highlight “King” and “Queen” on the black wall for an added romantic touch.

Wind Up

Copying and pasting these 3D illustration prompts, and creating trending AI images from Instagram becomes a creative journey.

Share these creations on Instagram to capture your audience’s attention and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of social media trends.

Experiment with these prompts, infusing your unique style into each image, and watch as your creations garner more likes and views in the vibrant world of Instagram.




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