Truecaller Adds Call Recording Feature in India: Here’s All Details

Truecaller Call Recording Feature
Truecaller Call Recording Feature

Truecaller, a widely used app in India for identifying calls and blocking spam, has recently introduced a call recording feature along with an AI-powered transcript feature for its Indian users. This addition comes amidst a trend of apps integrating AI functionalities into their services.

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Truecaller’s Call Recording and Transcription Features: A Closer Look

Truecaller’s new call recording feature is available for both Android and iOS users, offering a convenient way to record conversations.


Additionally, the AI-powered transcript feature can generate text transcripts of both incoming and outgoing calls, supporting English and Hindi languages, with more regional languages to be added soon.

Using Truecaller Call Recording: Android vs. iOS

On Android: Android users can access the call recording function directly through the Truecaller dialer, or via a floating Record button if using the stock dialer app.

On iOS: iPhone users face CallKit restrictions and must navigate to the Truecaller app during a call to initiate recording. This involves merging the ongoing call with a separate recording line provided by Truecaller.

Pricing and Legal Considerations

The call recording feature is available with the Truecaller Premium plan, priced at Rs. 529 per year or Rs. 75 per month. It’s important to note that recording calls without prior consent is illegal in many regions, including India. Thus, users must use the feature responsibly according to local laws.

Wrap Up

Truecaller’s new call recording and transcription features offer convenience to Indian users, but they also raise privacy and legal concerns.

Accessing these features differs for Android and iOS users, with iOS users encountering more obstacles due to CallKit restrictions.

Before subscribing to the Truecaller Premium plan for these features, users should think about the ethical and legal aspects.

The introduction of these features by Truecaller shows how communication apps in India are evolving. As more people use these features, it’s important for users to understand how they work and follow legal rules to communicate responsibly.




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