How to Download View Once Images & Videos On WhatsApp (Easy & Working Tricks) 2024

WhatsApp View Once
WhatsApp View Once

Greetings! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of downloading View Once images and videos on WhatsApp. As of 2024, WhatsApp’s View Once feature adds an extra layer of privacy, allowing senders to share media that disappears after a single viewing.

However, this very feature can pose challenges when users wish to retain these fleeting moments.

Our guide will walk you through the step-by-step process, offering solutions for both Android and iOS users, while also exploring considerations for rooted devices.


Let’s embark on this journey to make preserving View Once media on WhatsApp a seamless experience.

WhatsApp’s View Once feature, introduced to enhance privacy and security, can make it challenging to save important media for future reference.

Our guide aims to provide you with an easy and effective way to download View Once images and videos, ensuring you can cherish and keep them beyond the ephemeral nature of the feature.

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What is the WhatsApp Once Feature?

In simple terms, WhatsApp’s View Once feature enables users to send self-destructive media, wherein photos or videos automatically vanish after the recipient opens them. This feature restricts forwarding, saving, starring, or sharing of the media.

It doesn’t reside in the photo gallery, and if unopened for 14 days, it expires automatically.

While the sender can’t see it again, the reading receipt function informs them if the recipient opens the media.

Despite its security measures, users should exercise caution when sharing View Once media, as screenshots or recordings remain a possibility, defeating the purpose of this privacy-focused feature.

Downloading View Once Images and Videos on Android Devices

For Android users, third-party apps offer a solution to download View Once media. Apps like “Download View Once for WhatsApp” and “ViewOnce Save for WhatsApp” are recommended. However, the convenience comes with potential drawbacks.


  • Easy to use and access.
  • Capability to save media files for future reference.


  • Security risks associated with some third-party apps.
  • Incompatibility with certain devices or WhatsApp versions.
  • Potential violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service, risking account suspension.

While third-party apps provide a quick solution, it’s crucial to weigh the risks against the benefits.

For Rooted Devices

Rooting an Android device grants complete control over its functionalities, allowing access to system files and settings that are typically off-limits. This method offers an alternative for saving View Once media without using third-party apps.

A. Explanation of Rooted Devices

Rooting involves removing restrictions imposed by manufacturers or carriers and granting privileged access to the root directory of the device’s file system.

B. Step-by-step Guide for Rooted Devices

  1. Install a file explorer app that accesses root directories, such as ES File Explorer or Root Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images or WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Video folder.
  3. Locate the View Once media file, copy it to another folder, and rename it with a .jpg or .mp4 extension.
  4. Open the Gallery or Video Player app, and the saved media will be visible.

C. Pros and Cons of Using This Method


  • No need for third-party apps.
  • Complete control over the device.


  • Rooting can void the device warranty.
  • Potential risks, including device damage and compromised security.

D. Risks and Drawbacks of Using This Method

Rooting is a complex process, suitable only for experienced users. Incorrect execution may damage the device or compromise security. The associated warranty voidance further adds to the considerations.

Downloading View Once Images and Videos on iOS Devices

For iPhone and iPad users, downloading View Once media involves different methods. Users can take screenshots or use third-party apps like WCleaner, with caution due to potential security risks.

How to Send a View Once Photo/Video on WhatsApp

Sending a View Once photo or video is a straightforward process:

  1. Ensure WhatsApp is updated to enable the View Once media exchange function.
  2. Open the chat window of the person you want to send the media to.
  3. Select the media (photo or video) and tap the small circle with “1” in the dialog box to share it.
  4. The media will disappear automatically after the recipient opens it once.

Downloading Images/Videos on WhatsApp using GB WhatsApp

While not recommended for sensitive information, GB WhatsApp provides an alternative for downloading View Once media. Users can follow specific steps to achieve this, but caution is advised due to associated risks.

Best Practices for Downloading View Once Images and Videos on WhatsApp

While downloading View Once media is convenient, adhering to best practices is crucial for privacy and security.

  • Be cautious of unknown senders; avoid downloading media from untrusted sources.
  • Use reputable third-party apps; verify their reliability through reviews and ratings.
  • Consider using a VPN for added privacy and secure internet connections.
  • Install and regularly update anti-malware software to protect against potential threats.
  • Refrain from sharing downloaded media without the sender’s consent, respecting their privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal to download View Once media from WhatsApp?

It depends on WhatsApp’s terms and local laws. Generally, downloading with the sender’s permission for personal and non-commercial use may be considered fair use.

2. Can I download View Once media without the sender knowing it?

The method used determines this. Third-party apps or screen recorders may allow downloads without notifying the sender.

3. Is it safe to use third-party apps for downloading View Once media?

Safety varies based on the app and its source. Choose reputable apps from trusted sources, read reviews, and use anti-virus software for added security.

4. Can I download View Once media on WhatsApp Web?

No, the View Once feature is currently limited to the WhatsApp mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

5. What should I do if I receive inappropriate or harmful View Once media on WhatsApp?

Report the media to WhatsApp, block the sender, or seek legal advice if the situation requires it.

Wind Up

In conclusion, the guide covers various methods for downloading and saving View Once images and videos on WhatsApp in 2024, catering to different devices and user preferences.

Users are encouraged to choose methods responsibly, respecting privacy and following best practices for a secure experience.

Cherish your moments while navigating the intricacies of preserving View Once media on WhatsApp.



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