How to Solve Phone Internet Problems?

How to Solve Phone Internet Problems
How to Solve Phone Internet Problems

Friends, you may be using smartphones, but there will be many problems inside the smartphone, such as your net will run but I will tell you about why the net runs slow. Today I will give you complete information about how your network runs slow.

You will be very upset due to your net slow if my net slows, then if you want to solve it, then you have come to the right place, do not forget to read today’s article.

So you are also swinging about this problem, so today I will give you complete information about it, so do not forget to read it till the last.


How to Solve Phone Internet Problems?

Correct The APN Setting

Many times these problems are also caused by the APN settings of the phone. So keep in mind that to fix this, go to your phone’s settings.

And then click on the option of Mobile Network, The SIM you use from that SIM. Click inside and go, you will see the option of APN, by clicking on it.

Now go back to Reset your already set APN, that is, by setting it to default. Your work will be done.

Network Preferred Type

Often this problem is due to the Preferred Network type if the phone is 4G, it accidentally gets set to 3G.

The net keeps turning on and off automatically, so your Preferred Network is set to 4G.

Many phones also have the option of Auto Network Selection, in which the phone uses the network connection accordingly.

Phone Network Settings

In spite of many attempts, the Internet does not work properly, so you can use this method first. For this, you have to first go to the settings of your phone.

You will get the option of wireless and network, click on it, go here, if your Data Connection is not on, then turn it on, if it is on then turn it off for a few seconds.

Please turn it on once so that the data connection is refreshed And your net starts running somewhere.

Check The Data Connection

If there is no benefit from the solutions mentioned so far, then you can also use this method, for this, you first go to the settings of your phone, and then if your data is not on then turn it on.

Then with that, you turn On Data Roaming too. Sometimes this problem can also be caused by the Network Connection in your area.

Restart Your Phone

If the problem of the internet is still not fixed in your phone. Then you can simply reboot or restart your phone once.

To reboot your phone, press and hold your phone’s Power Button up to 9 Sec. After that, your phone will automatically turn on. Or you will get the option of restarting even after you press and hold the Power Button.

Upgrade to a New SIM card

If you are using an old SIM card, then you can also have this problem because the old SIM does not have that much capacity.

So go to your network operator’s store and change your SIM to a new SIM card, because the Old SIM is based on old technology, due to which it is not able to function correctly.

The new SIM has many other new functionalities that are not based on technology and are also started more. The same old SIMO does not have this capability.



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