How to Watch Shared Instagram Reels Without Opening DMs

Watch Shared Instagram Reels Without Opening DMs
Watch Shared Instagram Reels Without Opening DMs

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in India, and sharing Reels—short, entertaining videos—is a favourite activity for many users. Instagram is testing a new feature that lets you watch shared Reels without opening Direct Messages (DMs).

This can improve how you interact with shared content, making it easier to watch Reels directly from your DM list. Want to know how to Watch Shared Instagram Reels Without Opening DMs. Let’s Dive in!

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Preview Reels Directly from Chats

The new feature allows you to view Reels directly from your DM list. When a friend shares a Reel with you, you no longer have to open the chat to watch it.

Instead, the Reel’s preview will be displayed in the DM list, replacing the camera icon that is typically next to the chat. This means that even if you haven’t opened the DM, you can still see a thumbnail of the Reel.

Once you tap on the preview, the Reel will start playing on your screen. This allows you to immediately engage with the content without the need to enter the chat. If a friend has shared multiple Reels, you can scroll through them all directly from the preview.

This feature is great for people who want to see what their friends are sharing without opening each chat one by one.

Share Reels Back to the Chat Easily

One of the key aspects of this new feature is the ability to easily share Reels back into the chat where the Reel was originally shared. After watching all the shared Reels from a friend, Instagram will present you with recommended Reels for further exploration.

When you tap on the “Send to chat” option located below the current Reel, it allows you to share the recommended Reel directly into the chat.

This streamlined process removes the need to open the share sheet and manually select a recipient. It simplifies the act of sharing and helps maintain the conversation flow within the chat.

This aspect of the feature fosters better communication and interaction within the chat. Friends can easily share Reels with one another, providing topics for conversation and a way to connect over shared interests.

View Reels Without Opening DMs

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this new feature is the ability to view Reels without having to open the DM itself.

This allows you to watch the content without marking the message as “Read,” providing an added layer of privacy and control over your interactions.

If you choose to just view the shared Reel without opening the chat, the preview will remain in your DM list, allowing you to revisit it at any time.

This can be particularly helpful if you’re not ready to respond to the chat but still want to engage with the content.

Once you’ve gone through all the shared Reels, the preview thumbnail will switch back to the camera icon, indicating that you’ve watched them all.

This feature can be seen as a double-edged sword. On one hand, it provides a convenient way to view shared Reels without entering the chat, giving you more control over your interactions.

On the other hand, it may allow users to view content without acknowledging the sender, which could impact the dynamics of communication and lead to misunderstandings.

Wind Up

The ability to watch shared Instagram Reels without opening DMs is a promising new feature that can enhance your Instagram experience.

It streamlines how you interact with shared content by allowing you to view Reels directly from your DM list and easily share them back into the chat.

This update helps you stay connected with friends and family while maintaining privacy and control over your interactions. As Instagram continues to evolve, keep an eye out for more updates that make the platform more user-friendly and enjoyable.

Embrace this new feature to engage with your favorite content and strengthen your connections on Instagram.



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