Wings Urbana Launch in India : All You Need To Know

Wings Urbana Launch in India
Wings Urbana Launch in India

Wings is launching its latest product, the Urbana smartwatch and it is generating a lot of excitement and anticipation. This event is none other than the Wings Urbana Launch in India! Urbana, a smartwatch that is being launched by the company, is part of the lineup for this new launch.

The launch has been creating a lot of anticipation as well as speculation amongst enthusiasts, consumers as well and tech gurus.

They are known for their sleek and stylish designs coupled with their exceptional audio quality.


Urbana Product

Let us start with the star of the show – Urbana. The Urbana is a budget smartwatch meaning that it shall be easily affordable to a large population.

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Urbana Features

One of the most distinctive features of Wings Urbana products has always been their attention to design aesthetics. They understand that tech accessories should not only be great but also look great.

With the Urbana, you can expect a variety of stylish options that will complement your personal style.

The Urbana smartwatch boasts a large 2.01-inch IPS HD 2.5D curved glass screen display. It can also grant 550 nits of brightness and a 69Hz refresh rate.

In terms of variety, you can choose from over 200 watch faces as well as 5 menu styles.

Marvelous Specifications

This smartwatch holds a single chip-based Bluetooth calling (version 5.3). This ensures a guaranteed stable connection and clarity in all your calls.

The battery life is up to 7 days on a single charge. It can also last three days if Bluetooth calling is enabled.

Also amongst the features is a reliable heart rate sensor, A SpO2 sensor, a period tracker, and a stress management aide.

If you so choose, it can help you to count your calories, your steps as well as the distance you have traveled. Urbana also has more than 130 sports modes.

Other regular features of the Urbana include an alarm clock, a timer, a calculator, a stopwatch, a camera, e-card support, and music controls.

Not to be forgotten is that it has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.

The Wings Urbana Launch in India is not just about unveiling products; it is about the desire and commitment to making them accessible to consumers across the country.

In order to provide splendid products to everyone, the company has opened a number of retail outlets, and physical and online stores.

In addition to the Urbana smartwatch, Wings also has other breathtaking products planned for the Indian market.

These products would be such as headphones, and Bluetooth speakers. Wings is growing its product range to include the diverse needs of the Indian consumer.

Urbana Pricing

Every consumer pays attention to pricing. It is a consideration that they make before making the decision to buy a product. The new smartwatch Urbana shall retail at Rs. 1,699.

Consumers can purchase it on Flipkart and the official web portal. At the beginning, there will be a discounted price of Rs. 1,499 and the colors that you can choose from are Blue, Black, and Tan

Final Words

The Wings Urbana Launch in India is an event that has created a lot of buzz amongst tech enthusiasts.

Consumers are looking forward to one of the most unique and long-awaited products in the Indian market.

This is what Vijay Venkateswaran, the co-founder of the company had to say about this smartphone,” With its power-packed features, the Urbana is the answer to someone who wants a smartwatch with all the functions required to survive a day in the modern cityscape.

With the start of our new 30 Hard Challenge, the watch comes at great timing as well for people to kick start their challenge with the Urbana”. So, mark your calendars and get ready to spread your wings with Wings Urbana.



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