Boult Crown R and Drift 2 Smartwatches
Boult Crown R and Drift 2 Smartwatches

Boult Audio is one of the leading tech companies in India. It is known for releasing the best useful audio technology for tech enthusiasts. It has recently introduced two new smartwatches the Boult Crown R and the Drift 2 and are ready to be launched in India.

They have also scheduled smarter yet cooler earbuds, Boult W40. All these smart gadgets are priced in a way that tech lovers can buy as per their choice.

Let’s go through the details about all these smart gadgets below.


Boult Crown R: Your New Smart Buddy

The Boult Crown R comes with a cool screen that’s 1.52 inches big and displays everything perfectly. Wearing Boult Crown R is like wearing a small computer on your wrist. An amazing feature is the calling feature of this smartwatch.

Imagine if you could make calls straight from your wristwatch! That’s something Boult Crown R is capable of as it has a dedicated speaker and mic for calling.

It also helps you keep track of your heart rate, sleep, and even your period, isn’t it cool?

Also, you can use this smartwatch while you’re involved in activities like swimming, visiting, or playing in dusty places. It comes in some cool colors like Bullet Silver and Coal Black.

Drift 2: A Bigger Screen Experience

The Drift 2 is another award-winning smartwatch from Boalt Audio company. With a bigger screen size of 1.85 inches, it feels like wearing a small TV on your wrist.

Just like Boult Crown R, you can make calls from this amazing smartwatch too.

That’s just not all, it keeps data about your health, counting your heart rate and your walks even whenever you walk around.

As it’s capable of handling water and dust so you don’t need to be careful all the time. It comes in colors like pink, blue, or black.

Boult W40: Awesome Earbuds

Now, let’s talk about the Boult W40 earbuds. These are small and thin speakers that go into your ears and make you feel no weight but serve top-quality audio.

These earbuds are really good and the best thing is, you can use them to talk on calls too. The cool part is connectivity, you can connect them to your smartphone very quickly.

With almost two days, they last long with great music experience that too in a single charge. If you’re a busy guy, just charge them a little bit and keep listening to music for long hours. These splendid earn buds come in fun colors like Berry Red, Ivory White, Denim Blue, and Khaki Green.

Conclusion: Great Gadgets at Affordable Prices

Boult Audio has stunned everyone by introducing much-anticipated gadgets.

With Boult Crown R and Drift 2 launched in India, tech enthusiasts will be so happy yet eager to use.

Devices that keep track of your health, heart rate, and even your periods dates if you are a female, These smartwatches are your best health companion.

Both these smartwatches have the capability to make calls with a smart mechanism is something that makes them unique.

The W40 earbuds also give us fantastic sound and stay charged for a really long time.

And the good thing is, they don’t charge you a lot! You can buy Crown R for Rs 2,499, the Drift 2 for Rs 1,499, and the W40 earbuds for only Rs 899.

You can find the smartwatches on Flipkart and the earbuds on Amazon. Or, if you like, you can get them from Boult Audio’s website.

These gadgets are a great way to enjoy cool tech without spending too much.

Do let us know your thoughts on Boult Crown R and Drift 2 launch in India and show some excitement in the comment section.



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