JBL Bar 1300 Soundbar
JBL Bar 1300 Soundbar

JBL Bar 1300 Soundbar Launched in India: HARMAN Kardon’s JBL has unveiled its latest innovation in the form of the JBL Bar 1300 soundbar in India. This cutting-edge addition to their lineup resides in the high-end segment, boasting an array of features that include Dolby Atmos and the proprietary PureVoice technology.

Let’s delve into the specifications and features that make the JBL Bar 1300 a noteworthy contender in the audio landscape.

Specs and Features

At the core of the JBL Bar 1300 lies its 11.1.4-Channel configuration, equipped with six up-firing drivers.


Notably, this soundbar also offers the versatility of detachable wireless surround speakers, which can be employed both independently with a Bluetooth device and in tandem.

Accompanying this setup is a robust 10-inch wireless subwoofer, collectively delivering an impressive total power output of 1,170W.

The sound experience is further enhanced through support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D surround sound.

JBL Bar 1300 Soundbar Launched in India and incorporating JBL’s MultiBeam technology, the Bar 1300 extends an immersive auditory encounter to its users.

The implementation of PureVoice technology, driven by innovative algorithms, ensures that voices remain distinct even amidst dynamic sound effects.

Vikram Kher, Vice President of Lifestyle at HARMAN India, elaborated, “Our all-new JBL BAR 1300 is designed to bring the magic of a theater right to your home with its exceptional sound.

It delivers every distinct sound, from the slightest footstep to the most entertaining music played in movies.

The BAR 1300 promises to take your movie nights and music sessions to a whole new level, providing you with an extraordinary audio journey like never before.“

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Integrated Capabilities

JBL Bar 1300 Soundbar Launched in India that isn’t just about remarkable sound; it’s a hub of smart capabilities.

Seamlessly integrating with voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, it empowers users with effortless control.

Furthermore, the soundbar offers compatibility with AirPlay 2, Alexa MRM, and built-in Chromecast, catering to diverse preferences.

Access to online music-streaming platforms enriches the sonic experience, granting users an extensive range of audio content.

Connectivity Galore

In the realm of connectivity, the JBL Bar 1300 proves its mettle. Supporting Wi-Fi standards up to 802.11ax, alongside Bluetooth 5.0, it ensures smooth wireless connectivity.

The inclusion of HDMI eARC with Dolby Vision passthrough establishes it as a hub for high-quality video and audio delivery.

These robust connectivity options are augmented by the user-friendly JBL One app, facilitating EQ adjustments and personalized tweaks.

Price and Availability

JBL Bar 1300 Soundbar Launched in India with an inviting introductory price of Rs 1,49,999 (MRP, Rs 1,59,999), the JBL Bar 1300 becomes an alluring option for audiophiles and home entertainment enthusiasts.

Interested buyers can acquire this gem of audio innovation through the company’s official website.

The soundbar is offered in an elegant black color variant, perfectly blending aesthetics and performance.


The JBL Bar 1300 Soundbar is a testament to HARMAN Kardon’s commitment to delivering top-tier audio experiences to the Indian market.

With its impeccable sound quality, advanced technologies, and smart features, it promises to redefine home entertainment.

Elevate your audio encounters and immerse yourself in a symphony of crisp, immersive soundscapes with the JBL Bar 1300.



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