Nothing Phone (2a) Design Leaked Renders – Get the First Look Now!

Nothing Phone 2(a) Design Leaked
Nothing Phone 2(a) Design Leaked

Nothing, the innovative tech brand, is set to unveil its latest creation, the Nothing Phone (2a), on March 5. However, eager enthusiasts have already been treated to leaked renders, offering a tantalising glimpse into the Nothing Phone (2a) design leaked of the upcoming device.

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Nothing Phone (2a) Design

Nothing Phone (2a) Design Leaked Renders
Nothing Phone (2a) Design Leaked Renders

The leaked renders, initially shared on Nothing Community and since removed, present a comprehensive view of the Nothing Phone (2a)’s aesthetics.


With a transparent back showcasing dual camera “eyes” and three glyph lights for notifications, the design exudes modernity and functionality.

Notably, the absence of a visible wireless charging coil hints at a cost-conscious approach compared to its predecessors.

What to Expect

Beyond its striking appearance, Nothing has divulged some key specifications of the Phone (2a). Powered by a custom Dimensity 7200 Pro chipset tailored for optimal performance, the device promises impressive capabilities.

AnTuTu benchmark scores exceeding 741,000 underscore its prowess, while the potential for up to 12GB of RAM, supplemented by 8GB of virtual RAM through Nothing’s innovative feature, ensures smooth multitasking.

The Features on Offer

Rumours swirling around the Nothing Phone (2a) paint a picture of a feature-rich device. Anticipated to sport a 6.7-inch 120Hz OLED display with minimal bezels and a discreet punch-hole cutout, the phone offers a visually immersive experience.

Additionally, speculation suggests a high-quality camera setup akin to its predecessors, comprising 50MP wide and ultrawide sensors.

Storage configurations of 8/128GB and 12/256GB, coupled with competitive pricing starting at around Rs 31,000, make the Nothing Phone (2a) an appealing proposition for tech enthusiasts.

Wind Up

As the countdown to the official launch continues, anticipation for the Nothing Phone (2a) reaches a fever pitch. With leaks and rumours fueling excitement, all eyes are on Nothing as they prepare to unveil their latest masterpiece.

Stay tuned for further updates as we await the unveiling of the Nothing Phone (2a) and its potential to redefine the smartphone landscape after its design leaks.




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