OpenAI Launches Store
OpenAI Launches Store

OpenAI has taken a significant step by launching a dedicated store for custom AI-powered chatbots. This move, announced after a preview for developers, unveils the GPT Store, featuring GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) that leverage OpenAI’s text- and image-generating AI models, such as GPT-4 and DALL-E 3.

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OpenAI’s GPT Store

In a strategic move, OpenAI has integrated the GPT Store into the ChatGPT client on the web. This store showcases a diverse array of GPTs developed by both OpenAI’s partners and the broader developer community.


Users subscribed to OpenAI’s premium plans like ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Enterprise, or the newly launched ChatGPT Team gain access to this innovative marketplace.

Exploring the GPT Store

Within the GPT Store, users can explore a variety of GPTs categorized into areas like lifestyle, writing, research, programming, and education.

The community leaderboard highlights popular and trending GPTs, offering users a convenient way to discover and engage with these AI-powered chatbots.

Building GPTs with Ease

OpenAI emphasizes accessibility by enabling developers to create GPTs without requiring coding expertise.

The GPT Builder tool allows developers to specify their chatbot’s capabilities in plain language, simplifying the process of generating AI-powered chatbots.

Whether it’s a trail recommender, a coding tutor, or a content designer, developers have the freedom to craft GPTs tailored to their needs.

Review System and Future Monetization

Developers seeking to list their GPTs in the store must undergo a verification process, involving a combination of human and automated review.

OpenAI plans to introduce a “GPT builder revenue program” in Q1, allowing U.S. builders to earn income based on user engagement.

While initial access to GPTs in the store is free, the future monetization strategy adds an intriguing dimension to the platform.

Concerns and Questions

However, questions linger regarding the human element in OpenAI’s review process. Queries about compensation for reviewers and their access to mental health resources remain unanswered, raising transparency concerns.

The impact of such considerations on the democratization of AI app creation is yet to be fully understood.

Wind Up

OpenAI’s launch of the GPT Store marks a pivotal moment in the realm of custom AI-powered chatbots.

The platform’s potential to democratize AI app creation and its upcoming monetization program add layers of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

As developers explore the possibilities within the GPT Store, the broader implications for the industry will undoubtedly become clearer in the coming months.



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