5 Easy Steps to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode: A Detailed Guide


This is very good news for WhatsApp users. The thing that you guys have been waiting for a long time has finally come inside WhatsApp. Dark mood option WhatsApp users have been waiting for this option for many years, but the final option has come WhatsApp dark mode.

So if you also want to take advantage of this option, then today we will tell you how you can take advantage of this dark (mood option) inside your WhatsApp.

The option of a dark mood has been given to someone, not everyone has it, but you do not have to be disappointed. I will tell you now how you too can take advantage of the (dark mood)option inside your WhatsApp.


How to Use the Beta Version of WhatsApp?

For this, first, you have to break up your chat, or else your chat will be deleted. After that uninstall your WhatsApp and as soon as you install it, below you will find a link and click on it to download WhatsApp first.

And as soon as the download is done, you have to open it again. After that, you have to go to the 3 dots. After that you have to go to the setting, after that you will have the option of ( Dark Mood ) in front of it, to introduce it.

  • In it, you will get a beta version APK.
  • From here you can use your WhatsApp in the (dark mood) option.
  • From here you can now make your WhatsApp even more beautiful.


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