WhatsApp Send Voice Messages as View Once
WhatsApp Send Voice Messages as View Once

WhatsApp’s latest update brings a notable enhancement to its messaging experience – lets users send voice messages as View Once. Building upon the success of the View Once feature for photos and videos introduced in 2021, this new addition aims to elevate the privacy of audio messages, offering users greater control over their shared content.

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Sending View Once Audio Messages

Sending a view once audio message is a straightforward process. In an individual or group chat, users can tap the microphone, swipe up to lock the recording, and then tap and hold to record.


By selecting the “view once” icon, users activate the one-time playback mode, clearly marked with a green icon. Once satisfied, a simple tap on send dispatches the voice message.

Enhanced Privacy and Usage Restrictions

The introduction of view once audio messages caters to users seeking enhanced privacy for sensitive information shared through voice messages.

These messages, consistent with their visual counterparts, are marked with a distinctive “one-time” icon, emphasizing their single-use nature.

They can only be played once, adding a layer of security to conversations involving confidential information.

WhatsApp imposes strict restrictions on the handling of view media. Recipients are required to open these messages within 14 days; otherwise, they will expire from the chat.

Furthermore, the forwarding, saving, or starring of view once messages is prohibited, reinforcing the temporary and privacy-focused nature of this feature.

Backup and Restoration

WhatsApp acknowledges the importance of data backup and provides users with the ability to restore view once media and voice messages from backups.

However, a crucial caveat exists – this restoration is only possible if the message remains unopened at the backup time.

Once a view of the message is opened, it is excluded from the backup, and restoration becomes impossible.

This ensures that the ephemeral nature of view once messages are maintained even in the context of data recovery.

An additional layer of security is implemented to prevent unauthorized sharing of view once content.

Users are restricted from taking screenshots of view once media, further safeguarding the privacy of the shared audio messages.

Wind Up

WhatsApp’s decision to let users send voice messages as a view once feature aligns with its commitment to providing users with robust privacy controls.

As this update rolls out globally over the coming days, users can explore the newfound privacy features integrated into their audio communications.

The combination of one-time playback, usage restrictions, and backup considerations ensures that WhatsApp continues to prioritize user privacy and security, offering a messaging platform that evolves to meet the dynamic needs of its diverse user base.

Whether sharing confidential information or simply valuing the ephemeral nature of certain conversations, users can leverage the View Once feature for voice messages to tailor their messaging experience according to their privacy preferences.



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