boAt New Flash Plus Smartwatch Launched in India

boAt New Flash Plus Smartwatch
boAt New Flash Plus Smartwatch

Tech enthusiasts going to experience the most anticipated launch by boAt’s latest creation. That is something every tech guy will be excited about.

boAt flash Plus watch is set to be launched in India. In this complete guide, we will dig deeper to know about this trendy gadget for its features, looks, and affordability.

A Stylish Look and Cool Features

When it comes to its appearance boAt flash plus is already a winner as it is built with a 1.39-inch circular display.


This amazing AMOLED screen showcases vibrant colors and visuals with a sharpness that makes users feel cool.

With different faces, users can customize suitable to their taste and mood. Unique features like these will amaze users.

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Staying Connected and Taking Care of You

Connectivity is the key, and boAt never disappoints users when it comes to connectivity. Users can easily connect it to their smartphone using Bluetooth and can perform multiple tasks like taking calls or navigating through messages.

This smartwatch also tracks your well-being along with keeping you connected to the world.

Features like tracking your heart rate throughout the day, monitoring your sleeping patterns, and helping you count the steps along with the distance you walked 24X7, make this smartwatch a personal health companion.

Long Battery Life and More Fun

Users always complain about the headache while charging smartwatches. With boAt flash plus launching in India, boAt has addressed this issue.

This smart gadget boasts a long-lasting battery that can last up to 15 days in standby mode and 5 days with regular use.

And one more amazing feature: sports tracking! With over 100 sports modes it’s ready to be your fitness buddy while you are performing various fitness adventures.

The price is around Rs. 1,799 that’s something worth the price if you get top features combined together as a package.


The boAt flash plus is set to launch and revolutionize the tech market in India. It’s a lot more than just a smartwatch.

With seamless blend styles, connectivity, long battery life, health monitoring, and sports tracking, it’s a complete package for every tech addict.

Plus it’s affordable and fits your wallet. You can easily get yours by ordering this smartwatch through the official boAt website as well as the Amazon marketplace.

Elevate your wrist game and enjoy the world of smartness on your terms! Feel free to comment below with your thoughts about this launch from boAt.



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