Elon Musk’s X App Shakes the Globe: Unravelling the Impact and Intrigue Across China’s Digital Landscape

Elon Musks X app shakes the globe
Elon Musks X app shakes the globe

The global outage of Elon Musk’s X app shakes the globe, causing disruptions for users and generating widespread discussions, particularly in the United States. Surprisingly, the impact reached far beyond its usual audience and garnered attention in China, a country with stringent internet regulations.

This unexpected turn of events unfolded on Weibo, China’s prominent microblogging platform, where the hashtag “Twitter down” quickly became a sensation.

Twitter Down Takes Center Stage on Weibo

In an interesting twist, the outage of X, previously known as Twitter, became the top trending topic on Weibo, despite the platform being inaccessible in mainland China.


This anomaly led to discussions dominating the platform for over two hours, with a staggering 190 million views and thousands of comments.

Weibo users, familiar with the government’s strict control over internet access, found humor in questioning the focus on a platform they couldn’t access directly.

China’s Social Media Landscape and the Great Firewall

China’s social media scene is dominated by Weibo and WeChat, both enforcing strict regulations and censorship.

WeChat, with 1.3 billion monthly active users, reigns supreme, but complaints on Weibo reveal a public desire to bypass the “Great Firewall” using official VPNs.

The incident highlighted the tension between the Chinese government’s control over internet access and the public’s yearning for more diverse online experiences.

X’s Response and Global Impact

Amid the outage, X displayed a placeholder message, earning praise from Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei for its humorous approach.

Despite being inaccessible in China, the platform’s outage resonated globally, affecting users in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, and more.

Over 77,000 U.S. users faced issues during the peak of the outage, underscoring the far-reaching consequences of the incident.

Wind Up

Elon Musk’s X App Shakes the Globe and ownership of X added intrigue to the situation, given his recent claims of the platform’s robust growth.

The temporary outage, while disruptive, once again raises questions about the challenges posed by internet regulations, censorship, and the global impact of social media disruptions.

As users and industry experts reflect on this incident, the episode underscores the delicate balance between connectivity and the complexities of navigating diverse regulatory landscapes.



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