How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat: 6 Best Methods in 2024

Know Someone Blocked Snapchat
Know Someone Blocked Snapchat

Snapchat, a popular platform for communication, can leave users in the dark when it comes to being blocked. The absence of notifications about blocks can be perplexing. This article aims to guide users through straightforward methods to know if someone has blocked them on Snapchat.

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Method 1: Check Your Recent Chats

When a user blocks you, the ongoing chat disappears from your list. To confirm this, navigate to the Chats tab. If the conversation is no longer visible, it’s a clear indication that you might have been blocked.


Method 2: Old Delivered Texts Appear Opened

Despite certain bugs in the app, logging out and back in can reveal if your delivered texts instantly switch to “Opened.” This occurrence indicates that the user might have blocked you. However, it’s essential to note that Snapchat occasionally displays unpredictable behavior.

Method 3: Profile Details Disappeared

Blocked users take measures to remove their Snap score, Stories, and public profile details from your view. To confirm this, check the user’s profile page in the chat tab. If these details are no longer visible, it’s a strong indicator that you’ve been blocked.

Method 4: Cannot Find Them in My Friends List

When someone blocks you, they are automatically removed from your friend’s list. To verify this, access your friends list, and search for the suspected account. If the user is absent from the list, it strongly suggests a block.

Method 5: Search their Username on the App

Utilize the search bar in the Stories or Camera tab to look for the user’s name or username. If the account is invisible in the search results, it’s a significant sign that you might have been blocked. However, if you still see their account, it could mean they’ve removed you as a friend.

Method 6: Search Using a Different Account

To rule out the possibility of account deletion, try searching for the user with a different account, such as a friend’s ID or an alternative account of yours. If the user is found in the search or My Friends list using another account, it confirms that you’ve been blocked.

Wind Up

Navigating the ambiguity of Snapchat’s notification system can be challenging when trying to determine if someone has blocked you. By following these methods and logging out before testing, users can better assess whether they’ve been blocked and gain clarity in navigating Snapchat’s unique challenges.


Will Snapchat Notify Me If I Get Blocked?

No, Snapchat prioritizes user privacy and security, and as such, it doesn’t provide alerts for blocks.

What Happens When Someone Blocks Your Account on Snapchat?

Blocked accounts lead to disappearing conversations, inaccessible usernames, and hidden profile details.

Why Can I Still Access Chat and Other Details After Being Blocked on Snapchat?

This discrepancy may be a bug, and logging out before testing the methods helps resolve such issues, ensuring a more accurate assessment of whether you’ve been blocked.

In conclusion, the methods outlined in this guide aim to provide users with a clearer understanding to know about whether someone has blocked them on snapchat, offering insights into potential blocks and emphasizing the importance of navigating the app’s nuances.



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