How to Send iMessages from Your Android Phone or Tablet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Send iMessages Android Phone
Send iMessages Android Phone

If you’ve recently switched from an iPhone to an affordable Android phone, you might be missing the ease of staying connected through iMessage. While Android boasts top encrypted messaging apps, an official iMessage solution can be inconvenient.

Despite attempts by Nothing, Beeper, and Sunbird to bring iMessage to Android, a viable solution has emerged for Mac users.

Explore AirMessage to securely send and receive iMessages on your Android phone or tablet.


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What is AirMessage?

AirMessage, a third-party messaging service available on Android and the web, bridges your Mac and non-Apple devices.

Setting up an AirMessage Server on your Mac enables the forwarding and sending of iMessages on the go.

AirMessage Requirements

To send or receive iMessages via AirMessage on your Android device, you’ll need:

  1. A Mac with your Apple ID.
  2. An active internet connection on your Mac.
  3. A Mac that remains on to handle iMessages.
  4. The AirMessage app is installed on your Android phone.

Setting up AirMessage Server on Mac

  1. Download AirMessage Server from the official website
  2. Locate the downloaded file and double-click it. Confirm your decision when prompted.
  3. Click “Connect an Account” and follow the on-screen instructions for registration.
  4. Grant necessary permissions for AirMessage Server to access the Messages app.
  5. Allow AirMessage access to control System Events.
  6. Enable accessibility features for AirMessage in System Settings.

Using AirMessage on Your Android Phone or Tablet

Now that AirMessage Server is active, download the mobile app on your Android phone.

  1. Download and open AirMessage on your Android device, signing in with your Google account.
  2. The user interface is user-friendly for composing new messages.
  3. iMessage is visible in the message box, and the app supports media file sharing.

BlueBubbles: An Alternative for Android iMessages

Consider BlueBubbles as another alternative, requiring a Google Firebase Console project for setup.

This aims to minimize background battery usage and utilizes Google’s Firebase Service for notifications when new iMessages arrive. Refer to a dedicated guide for using BlueBubbles.

iMessage on Android – Not Without Flaws

Until Apple develops an iMessage app for Android, rely on alternatives like AirMessage or BlueBubbles. Beeper Mini, the company behind an Android iMessage app, ceased its efforts in early 2024.

While these alternatives serve their purpose, they are not without limitations. Exploring top cross-platform communication apps could be an alternative to fully replace iMessage.

Wind Up

While a native iMessage solution on Android is absent, tools like AirMessage and BlueBubbles provide workarounds.

These tools let users send iMessage from Android phones or tablets. These alternatives bridge the gap, offering a means to stay seamlessly connected with friends and family until Apple introduces an official solution.




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