How to Stop Seeing Reels from Your Facebook Feed: A Comprehensive Guide

Create an Event on Facebook
Create an Event on Facebook

Not a fan of TikTok-like videos on Facebook? You’re not alone. While some enjoy Facebook’s short-form video feature, many wish it would vanish. Wondering how to stop seeing Reels on Facebook? Here’s what you should know.

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How to Hide and Reduce Reels On Facebook

Unfortunately, disabling the Reels feature on Facebook isn’t straightforward. Despite reducing their appearance rate, Facebook doesn’t support disabling the feature entirely. If you’re uninterested in Reels, here’s what you can do to avoid them.


1. Use Facebook Web

Prefer to hide Reels? Opt for Facebook’s web version over the app. Reels won’t clutter your News Feed or Story on the website, providing a reprieve from their presence.

2. Hide the Video Icon From Your Navigation Bar

Keep Reels at bay by hiding the Video icon from your navigation bar. This prevents accidental taps leading to Reels encounters. Adjust the setting to ‘Hide’ in Settings and privacy > Navigation bar > Customize the bar.

3. Use an Older Version of Facebook

For Android users, installing an older Facebook app version can eliminate Reels from your feed. However, this isn’t feasible on iOS due to Apple’s app downgrade restrictions.

4. Hide Content You Don’t Like

Dislike certain Reels? Hide them from your feed by selecting ‘Hide reel’ from the three dots menu. This signals Facebook to limit such content visibility in the future.

5. Disable Auto-Playing Reels on Facebook

Avoid data consumption and unwanted video playback by disabling auto-playing videos. Navigate to Media settings in the Facebook app and opt to never autoplay or restrict to Wi-Fi.

Wind Up

Regrettably, these options are the best available for stopping to see Reels on Facebook. Third-party apps like SlimSocial and Frost may offer alternatives but come with privacy concerns.

While Facebook Reels are here to stay, these workarounds provide some control over their presence in our feeds.

With luck, one of these methods will ease your Reels discomfort until Facebook introduces a dedicated “hide reel” feature.



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