How to Add Multiple Photos on Instagram Story: A Step-By-Step Guide

Add Multiple Photos on Instagram Story
Add Multiple Photos on Instagram Story

Meta has been consistently serving top-level advancements to their user base. Instagram came up with a super cool way to share images or video activities through a feature called “Instagram Story” from the beginning.

It was always a pain to add multiple photos to Instagram stories. Here we are going to discuss how you can post multiple photos on your IG story effortlessly. No need to use third-party apps now. Want to learn? Let’s dive in!

How to Add Multiple Photos on Instagram Story Using Layout

Let’s start with the easiest method – using Instagram’s built-in Layout feature. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Instagram on your phone and swipe right on the home screen to access Instagram Creator Mode.
  2. Swipe on the bottom panel to enter the Story mode.
  3. Now, tap on the Layout icon located on the left panel to create a photo collage.

You’ll notice that a default 2×2 collage layout appears, but you can change it by tapping the icon below the Layout option. Once you’ve chosen your preferred layout, follow these steps:

4. Click on the photos you want to add; they will automatically fill the selected layout.

5. Tap the tick icon once you’ve added all the desired pictures.

6. If you prefer, you can also select images from your Gallery to create the collage for your Story.

7. Lastly, tap on the “Your Story” option at the bottom panel to post it directly to your Instagram Story.

How to Add Multiple Photos on Instagram Story Using Stickers

Another method to add multiple photos is by using stickers. Here’s how:

  1. Open Instagram and enter the Story mode.
  2. Capture or select a photo for your Story as usual.
  3. Once you have the image, tap on the sticker icon.
  4. Look for the “Photo” sticker and select it.
  5. You can now add more photos by tapping on the sticker repeatedly.
  6. Resize, rotate, or rearrange the photos as needed.
  7. When you’re satisfied with your collage, simply tap “Your Story” to share it.

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Wind Up

With Instagram’s user-friendly features, adding multiple photos to your Instagram Story has never been easier.

Whether you opt for the Layout option or the Photo sticker, you can create captivating and engaging Stories in no time.

So, go ahead and start sharing your moments with style, and your followers will surely appreciate your creative touch. Happy Instagramming!



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