WhatsApp View Once
WhatsApp View Once

In a recent development, WhatsApp was the popular instant messaging platform under Meta’s umbrella. It has reintroduced the ‘view once photos and videos’ feature for the WhatsApp desktop application, which is now available.

This move follows its removal a year ago, addressing security and privacy concerns. As reported by WABetaInfo.

Users can now enjoy this privacy-enhancing feature not only on WhatsApp for Windows but also seamlessly across linked devices on macOS.


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Sending View Once Messages: A Quick Guide

For users eager to explore this newfound capability on WhatsApp’s desktop app, the process is straightforward.

The option to set the view once feature for images is conveniently located within the caption bar in the drawing editor.

This update not only reinstates a previously removed feature but also extends its availability, as seen with its recent introduction on WhatsApp Web.

Privacy at the Forefront

The introduction of the ‘view once messages’ feature on WhatsApp’s desktop app is a significant stride toward bolstering user privacy.

By allowing users to send photos and videos that can be viewed only once, WhatsApp aims to minimize the footprint of media in device memory.

This not only streamlines storage but also provides an added layer of privacy for users who value discreet communication.

Accessing the Feature: What You Need to Know

Currently, the ‘view once messages’ feature is accessible to users who have updated their WhatsApp for Windows, WhatsApp Web, and WhatsApp for macOS to the latest versions.

However, it’s important to note that the rollout of this feature is ongoing and is expected to reach more users in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t yet experienced this update, ensuring your application is up-to-date will be crucial to unlocking this enhanced privacy feature.

Looking Ahead: Exciting Developments from WhatsApp

Beyond the reinstatement of ‘view once messages,’ WhatsApp is actively working on another feature.

This upcoming addition will display profile information within user conversations on Android, positioned under the contact name.

Notably, this information will be visible even when the contact is offline, providing users with valuable insights, alternating with the last seen status if available.

Wind Up

WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy takes center stage with the ‘view once photos and videos’ feature on WhatsApp desktop and is now available for users.

As users continue to embrace this enhanced privacy option, staying updated on the latest app versions will be key.

With more features in the pipeline, WhatsApp remains dedicated to delivering a secure and feature-rich messaging experience for its diverse user base, including those in the vibrant Indian audience.



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