WhatsApp Introduces Discord Style Voice Chat Rooms in Group Chats: A Game-Changing Feature

WhatsApp Discord Style Voice Chat
WhatsApp Discord Style Voice Chat

WhatsApp, a powerhouse among instant messaging apps, continues its journey of innovation with a significant update. In response to the evolving dynamics of group interactions, WhatsApp has introduced the Discord Style Voice Chat Rooms in Group Chats feature within group chats.

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Revolutionising Group Interactions

WhatsApp has been a leader in the messaging app realm, consistently pushing boundaries.


The recent emphasis on group interactions through features like Communities and Channels is a testament to its commitment to providing a versatile platform.

However, group chats, a fundamental aspect, faced challenges. Now, with the introduction of voice chat rooms, WhatsApp is addressing a longstanding issue – enabling voice calls within groups without causing disruption to every member.

Unraveling the Discord Influence

WhatsApp’s CEO, Will Cathcart, shared insights into the inspiration behind this update, drawing parallels with Discord.

In essence, large group chats on WhatsApp can now be likened to servers, with the new voice chat functionality acting as chat rooms within those servers.

This evolution mirrors Discord’s success in facilitating seamless group conversations.

Unlike conventional group calls, this feature allows any group member to initiate a voice chat, sending a silent push notification instead of an intrusive incoming call ringer.

The Dynamics of WhatsApp’s Voice Chat Rooms

The mechanics of WhatsApp’s voice chat rooms are designed to enhance user experience.

Participants can join a voice chat without the disruptive ringing of phones, similar to the familiar call links.

The visibility of participants’ names during these sessions adds transparency, displaying in both the group chat header and the Calls tab.

Users also have the autonomy to exit or close the chat, with WhatsApp automatically closing it if only one person remains for an uninterrupted 60 minutes.

A Step Forward in Group Communication

While this feature significantly improves the group calling experience on WhatsApp, certain limitations exist.

The group size requirement of 33 to 128 people and the inability to join via linked devices are noteworthy considerations.

Additionally, WhatsApp could take a cue from Discord in terms of webcam and screen-sharing capabilities.

Nevertheless, this update marks a positive shift, especially for larger community group chats, offering a streamlined way to initiate calls without causing disruptions to a vast audience.

WhatsApp’s adoption of Discord-style voice chat rooms within group chats is a commendable step forward, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to enhancing user interaction and addressing the nuances of group communication.

As this feature gradually rolls out to users, it holds the promise of transforming the way we engage within larger groups on WhatsApp.




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