New WhatsApp Introducing Email Verification Features for Android and iOS Users: What is Benefits?

WhatsApp Email Verification
WhatsApp Email Verification

WhatsApp, the globally popular instant messaging app, is on the verge of introducing a game-changing feature for its users. The “WhatsApp Email Verification Feature” is being tested for both iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to access their accounts through email in addition to their phone numbers.

This innovation comes as a solution to the common issue of not being able to receive the essential OTP (One-Time Password) via mobile networks.

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A New Way to Access Your WhatsApp Account by Email Verification

Currently, WhatsApp users are exclusively reliant on their phone numbers for accessing their accounts.

However, the introduction of the “Email Verification” feature opens up a new avenue for users to log in, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

How Does Email Verification Work on WhatsApp?

The email verification feature is not meant to replace the conventional SMS verification but serves as an additional method for seamless login.

It is currently available on the beta versions of WhatsApp for both Android and iOS platforms.

Users will find this feature conveniently located in the ‘Account Section,’ where they can associate their WhatsApp accounts with their email addresses.

This functionality becomes especially handy in situations where mobile networks are unavailable. For instance, when you’re in an area with poor network coverage or if you wish to switch to a new device without immediately swapping your SIM card.

The Future of WhatsApp Login

WhatsApp has been diligently testing this new email verification method for months, and it is progressively rolling out to more beta testers.

Although it is currently available to a select group of users who are on the latest beta version of the app, it’s expected to become accessible to a broader audience in the near future.

WhatsApp is constantly evolving, and this new feature is just one of many recent additions and tests.

The app, now owned by Meta, has been exploring various functionalities, including features resembling YouTube with forward and rewind video controls, sharing voice notes and stickers in Channels, and allowing users to manage multiple accounts on the same device.

Wind Up

The “WhatsApp Email Verification Feature” for iOS and Android marks a significant advancement in the world of instant messaging.

It ensures that WhatsApp remains accessible to users even in situations where traditional SMS verification may falter.

With the gradual expansion of this feature to a broader user base, WhatsApp is taking yet another step towards enhancing user convenience and ensuring that communication never stops.

By implementing the email verification feature, WhatsApp is demonstrating its commitment to adapting to the diverse needs of its users, and the future of WhatsApp login is looking promising with this innovative addition.



  1. Please I have been having issues to log in to my WhatsApp for over a week now. I have tried all means but to no avail. How can you help me out pls. I can’t get the OTP code via SMS and I can’t get call for the OTO as well. This happened after my phone got formated and I downloaded another WhatsApp.
    Expecting to hear from you soon. Thanks.


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