YouTube Shorts in Google Play Store: A New Way to Discover Apps

YouTube Shorts in Google Play Store
YouTube Shorts in Google Play Store

Google Play Store has always been an important destination when Android users look for apps or games for their smartphones. However, Searching through a lot of apps and games becomes a little challenging.

Since Google always wants the platform user user-friendly, That’s why Google has added YouTube Shorts in the Google Play Store to simplify the process.

Let’s dive into the topic and learn how it can help users.


Get App Recommendations via Shorts in the Play Store

In a recent official blog post, Google unveiled its plan to incorporate “short app-centric” videos within the Play Store.

These bite-sized videos, known as “The Play Report,” will serve as a platform for experts, creators, and Google staff to provide app recommendations.

The content of these videos will span from trending apps and games to hidden gems.

These videos will essentially be an extension of YouTube Shorts, and you can expect to find them prominently displayed on the Play Store’s homepage.

They will replace the traditional card-like editorial picks that used to occupy the top spot.

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A Closer Look at the Experience

When you click on one of these short videos, a Google-certified creator or expert will briefly overview the app or game’s features.

If you’re interested in the app, you can download it directly from the video player using the “Install” button.

Notably, the term “Shorts” is clearly mentioned within the video player, signaling that this feature is an extension of YouTube Shorts, rather than an entirely new function.

It’s important to mention that, for now, Google is rolling out this visual overhaul as part of a pilot program in the U.S.

If you’re not part of this pilot, you can still access the Play Report series by visiting Google Play’s official Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.


While Google aims to simplify the apps and games searching process by adding YouTube Shorts in the Google Play Store, This feature will let users access the hidden gems as well.

Be ready to explore the new Google Play Store with a fresh look. Express your feelings about this move made by Google in the comments below.



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