How to Get Green Tick Verification on WhatsApp Channel: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide [Nov 2024]

Get Green Tick Verification WhatsApp
Get Green Tick Verification WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s green tick is not just a symbol; it’s a powerful tool when delving into serious business marketing. As the most widely used messaging app, leveraging the benefits of WhatsApp for business provides a distinct advantage for businesses, irrespective of their size.

Getting green tick verification on WhatsApp becomes a focal point when you earnestly plan your WhatsApp marketing endeavors.

However, understanding the green badge’s significance and whether you truly need it is paramount. Let’s delve into this feature and empower you to make an informed judgment.


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The Verified Account Badge a.k.a. Green Tick — What is it?

The renowned green tick serves as a verification badge that appears next to a business name in WhatsApp.

It signifies an official WhatsApp account that has undergone additional verification by WhatsApp. This verification process ensures credibility, protecting users from spam and fake accounts.

Users encountering this green badge can trust that they are interacting with a legitimate account owned by the brand.

The benefits extend beyond mere verification; it enhances brand image and fosters trust among users. WhatsApp, with its strict approach to business verification, aims to provide a secure environment for its users.

To apply for the green tick, you must be a user of the WhatsApp Business Platform, formerly known as WhatsApp Business API.

This distinction is crucial, as the free business app does not offer the capability for this advanced verification.

Understanding this difference sets the stage for businesses seeking the coveted green tick.

Types of WhatsApp Business Accounts

Navigating the realm of WhatsApp for companies and brands involves two distinct account types: Business account and Official business account.

Business Account

Any company or brand signing up for WhatsApp, whether on the app or the API, undergoes an automatic business verification process, obtaining a business account by default.

This differentiation ensures that end users recognize they communicate with a business, not a personal account.

It’s noteworthy that using WhatsApp for business with a personal phone number is not allowed.

However, the critical distinction lies in the display name. While the business profile’s display name shows next to the phone number in the contacts view, in all other in-app views, people see only the number unless they save your contact details.

Official Business Account

An official WhatsApp business account takes the business profile to the next level by featuring the official badge, the green checkmark, next to its name in the chat.

This elevated status also ensures that the name, not the phone number, is displayed in all views. In essence, it represents an upgrade from the standard business account.

To obtain an official business account with the accompanying green tick, businesses need to apply through the WhatsApp Business Platform (formerly API) and secure approval from Meta.

Is it Worth Getting a Green Tick on WhatsApp?

While the green tick adds a layer of trustworthiness to your profile, it’s essential to assess its value against the backdrop of your business objectives.

Unlike some expectations, obtaining the green tick doesn’t unlock additional features compared to a normal business profile without the badge.

Pros and Cons


  • Demonstrates authenticity, ensuring safer interactions and reducing negative reactions.
  • Displays your brand name instead of the phone number, enhancing brand visibility.
  • It’s a free feature that adds a layer of credibility to your business.


  • Limited to businesses on the WhatsApp API.
  • The application process can be challenging.
  • No additional features are granted beyond the badge itself.

How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

If the prospect of having the green tick aligns with your business goals, here are the steps to navigate the application process successfully.

1. Get WhatsApp API Access

Unlike the free business app, the green tick is not accessible through it.

To unlock this feature, businesses need to sign up for the API and create their WhatsApp business account with a business solution provider (BSP).

2. Start Sending WhatsApp Campaigns

Demonstrate your commitment by actively sending business-initiated messages to over 1,000 people daily.

This showcases your engagement and seriousness about leveraging WhatsApp for your business efforts.

3. Apply for the Green Tick Through Your BSP

Your API provider, connected to your Facebook Business Manager account, should facilitate the green tick application to Meta on your behalf.

Alternatively, businesses can initiate the application process through their Facebook Business Manager account, navigating through “Business Settings” and then “WhatsApp Accounts.”

4. Wait for Approval

The application process typically takes a few days. Success is evident when the green badge automatically appears in your account.

What to Do if Your Green Badge Application Gets Rejected

Rejection doesn’t impede your use of WhatsApp Platform features. While the green badge enhances your profile’s official look, other functionalities remain unaffected.

Businesses can attempt the application process again after a 30-day interval.

Eligibility for a Green Tick on WhatsApp

Understanding the criteria for the green tick is crucial, as WhatsApp reserves it for popular brands. The main eligibility criteria include:

  1. Brand Recognition: Your brand needs to be well-known, receive coverage from large media.
  2. Businesses Only: Only businesses are eligible; public figures or influencers are not considered.
  3. WhatsApp Business Platform (API): Eligibility hinges on using the WhatsApp Business Platform.
  4. Messaging Level: A higher messaging level, preferably Tier 2, enhances eligibility.

The final decision rests with WhatsApp, and while API providers may promise assistance, they can’t influence the decision directly.

The criteria’s transparency may vary, but factors like business website domain authority and brand reputation play pivotal roles.

Pro Tips:

  • Boost News Coverage: Increase news coverage before applying to enhance your brand’s popularity.
  • Restricted Business Categories: Certain businesses, such as gambling, cryptocurrencies, and others, are not allowed on the WhatsApp API platform.

Wind Up

The decision to get green tick verification on WhatsApp should align with your business objectives. While it enhances credibility, businesses must weigh its benefits against the intricate application process.

Importantly, the free application offers businesses a strategic opportunity to stand out on WhatsApp. Achieving the coveted green tick signifies more than just a badge;

it’s a testament to your commitment to authenticity and user trust in the vast landscape of WhatsApp for business.

As businesses navigate this digital realm, the green tick becomes a symbol of trustworthiness in an increasingly connected world.



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