Google Introduce Android 15 Developer Preview: Here’s Everything

Android 15 Developer Preview
Android 15 Developer Preview

Google surprises us once again with the unveiling of the First Android 15 Developer Preview, just four months after Android 14’s release. This preview signals the beginning of an exciting journey towards the next major Android update. Let’s delve into what this initial glimpse of Android 15 has in store for us.

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Android 15 Developer Preview 1 Changelog

In this initial preview, Google places a significant emphasis on Privacy and Security enhancements. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes and features introduced in Android 15 Developer Preview 1:


Enhanced Privacy Features: The latest version of the AdServices module now incorporates Privacy Sandbox APIs, prioritising user privacy in online interactions.

Improved Security Measures: The FileIntegrityManager class introduces new APIs sourced from Linux Kernel’s fs-verity feature, bolstering the security of file integrity checks.

Partial Screen Sharing: Android 15 introduces Partial Screen Sharing, offering users more flexibility in sharing their device screens.

Enhancements in Camera Functionality: The new Camera2 API empowers applications to enhance the brightness of camera previews, enhancing user experience in low-light conditions.

Efficient Performance Management: The Android Dynamic Performance Framework receives an upgrade, introducing a power-efficient mode. This mode allows apps to prioritize power-saving measures, enabling dynamic adjustments in CPU/GPU frequencies.

Expanded Java Development Kit (JDK) APIs: Android 15 incorporates new OpenJDK APIs, enriching development possibilities in areas such as NIO buffers, streams, and security protocols.

User-Focused Settings: Users gain control with the addition of a keyboard vibration toggle in settings, catering to individual preferences.

Notification Management: Notification cooldown feature lowers notification volume during bursts from the same app, providing a more seamless user experience.

The Road Ahead: If past patterns hold true, we can anticipate two Developer Previews and five Betas before Android 15 reaches Platform Stability in June 2024. This journey will likely see iterative improvements and bug fixes, reflecting Google’s commitment to delivering a polished final product.

Wind Up

As we embark on this journey of First Android 15 Developer Preview, the possibilities are vast. While the current preview offers a glimpse into its potential, the final release promises to be even more transformative.

Share your expectations and aspirations for Android 15 in the comments below as we eagerly await its official launch.



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