Google Search AI Features Now Available in India; Here’s How You Can Sign Up

Google Search AI Features
Google Search AI Features

As we are living in the Tech Era, Artificial Intelligence is becoming the main element to support businesses and individuals’ lives.

Google Search AI Features Now Available in India, the biggest search engine, Google has recently created a Search Generative Experience (SGE).

As an innovative feature, Google has integrated AI into search to enhance user experience. While it’s available via search labs, SEG allows users to benefit from natural and intuitive interactions.


In this article, we will cover the insights, on how users can take advantage of SEG.

India-Focused Innovations with Search-Generative Experience

Google’s Smart move towards making search interactions more intuitive for Indian users by integrating generative AI into search has caught everyone’s attention.

This initiative is mainly made for Indian users for a better search experience.

By tapping into the power of AI, Google will showcase comprehending complex topics, gaining new perspectives, and accomplishing tasks with greater efficiency.

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Exploring the Benefits of SGE

Google’s smart initiative SEG offers several benefits for Indian users, especially to new users.

This feature lets users explore AI-powered topics along with relevant links to expand the search further.

For example, if a user intends to plan a trek in Himachal Pradesh, SEG will suggest follow-up questions along with insights related to the topics, such as photography tips for treks.

It enhances users’ eagerness and learning experience.

How to Access and Opt-In for SGE

Users can access Google SEG in simple ways by participating in the experiment by opting in through search labs.

This feature is live with both Chrome desktop and Google app and iOS devices.

In order to access this feature users need to tap on the Labs icon with the Google app or Chrome desktop.

Moreover, users are allowed to access for more information and provide feedback directly.


Google has come up with a new way to conduct searches, Generative AI Features are Now Available in India.

By integrating generative AI into search Google is aiming to serve a personalized yet simplified search experience, especially for Indian users.

Did you experience the new development made by Google? Do let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.



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