Top 10 New Amazing WhatsApp Features for Android and iOS Users: You may Missed in 2024

Top 10 New WhatsApp Features
Top 10 New WhatsApp Features

With nearly 3 billion users, WhatsApp has been a household name for messaging, but it’s also an underutilized asset in the Meta portfolio. Unlike Instagram, which thrives on ads, WhatsApp’s revenue contribution has been modest.

However, Meta is on a mission to change that narrative. In 2024, they introduced an array of exciting features aimed at transforming WhatsApp into a more engaging and profitable platform.

In this in-depth exploration, we’ll dive into the 10 new features in WhatsApp 2024 that are set to revolutionize your messaging experience.


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Top 10 New WhatsApp Features for Android and iOS Users

  1. Voice Status Feature
  2. Pin Messages in Chat
  3. Edit Messages
  4. Companion Mode
  5. Chat Lock
  6. Send Full Resolution (HD) Images
  7. Silence Unknown Calls
  8. WhatsApp Channels
  9. New Layout
  10. Screen Sharing

1. Voice Status Feature: Sharing Thoughts Without Typing

Picture this: you want to share your thoughts with friends, but typing feels like a hassle. Enter the Voice Status feature.

In 2023, WhatsApp introduced this nifty tool that lets you record and post voice messages to your status for 24 hours, much like Instagram stories.

It’s simple – head to the Status tab, tap the pencil icon, and hold down the microphone icon. With Voice Status, express yourself effortlessly and make your presence feel more engagingly.

2. Pin Messages in Chat: Keeping Essentials at Your Fingertips

Have you ever frantically searched for an important chat amid a sea of messages? WhatsApp’s new Pin Messages feature is here to end that ordeal.

You can now pin up to three essential chats at the top of your list for easy access. No more digging through your chats to find what matters most.

On Android, long-press the chat and select “Pin chat,” while on iOS, a simple swipe right gets the job done.

3. Edit Messages: Erasing Mistakes with Ease

We’re all prone to the occasional typo or a missed detail while typing on WhatsApp.

Recognizing this, WhatsApp introduced the Edit Messages feature. In 2023, you can rectify any message within 15 minutes of sending it.

Just long-press the message and choose “Edit” from the menu. No more fretting over that embarrassing typo; with Edit Messages, clarity and precision are at your fingertips.

4. Companion Mode: Seamlessly Multi-Device Friendly

For those juggling multiple phones, WhatsApp’s Companion Mode is a game-changer.

This nifty feature allows you to link your existing WhatsApp account to another device, granting you access to your chats on both.

Whether you’re moving between an Android and an iPhone or simply have two devices, WhatsApp’s Companion Mode simplifies your life.

Launch WhatsApp on your second device, select “Or link this device to an existing account,” and scan the QR code to enjoy a seamless multi-device experience.

5. Chat Lock: Fortify Privacy

Privacy is paramount, and WhatsApp’s Chat Lock feature ensures your sensitive chats remain secure from prying eyes.

With a password, you can lock away chats, making them accessible only to you through your phone’s authentication method – be it a passcode, Face ID, or fingerprint.

Locked chats are discreetly stored in a separate folder, preserving your confidentiality. To activate Chat Lock, head to the chat info and tap on Chat Lock.

6. Send Full Resolution Images: Bid Farewell to Compression Woes

WhatsApp’s notorious image compression might soon be a thing of the past.

In 2023, the “HD quality” option emerges, allowing you to send images and media without losing a single pixel of quality.

Keep in mind that opting for HD quality consumes more data and storage space, but the payoff is worth it.

Say goodbye to grainy photos and videos – it’s time for your media to shine.

7. Silence Unknown Calls: Block Unwanted Intrusions

Tired of those random calls from unfamiliar numbers on WhatsApp? The Silence Unknown Calls feature is your savior.

You can now choose to silence or block calls from numbers not in your contacts list or from those who’ve never messaged you before.

Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Calls > Silence Unknown Calls to regain control. No more intrusive calls interrupting your peace.

8. WhatsApp Channels: Stay Informed and Engaged

WhatsApp Channels is the latest Meta-owned addition to the messaging app.

It enables you to follow posts and updates from your favorite social media creators, celebrities, and organizations on a wide range of topics.

Whether your interests lie in sports, music, fashion, or politics, WhatsApp Channels has something for everyone.

You can even interact with channel owners by liking, commenting, or sharing their posts, ensuring you stay informed and engaged.

9. New Layout: A Fresh Look

WhatsApp has been testing a new design for its Android app, bringing it more in line with its iOS counterpart by featuring a bottom navigation bar.

This new layout is rolling out for everyone, providing a fresh and consistent look across platforms.

But that’s not all – WhatsApp is preparing for another major UI overhaul, incorporating several Material Design 3 elements, including an all-white theme.

10. Screen Sharing: Share Your World, Real-Time

Sometimes, you need to show something on your phone during a video call, and sending screenshots just won’t cut it. Enter screen sharing.

This feature, initially released to WhatsApp beta testers in May 2023, is now available to all users. It allows you to share your phone screen with another person during a video call.

It’s as simple as starting a video call, tapping the screen-sharing icon at the bottom of the screen (it looks like a phone with an arrow on it), and taking your interactions to the next level.

Wind Up

These 10 New WhatsApp Features 2024 are set to revolutionize your messaging experience.

From Voice Status for expressive communication to the convenience of Pin Messages, the reliability of Edit Messages, and the enhanced privacy of Chat Lock, WhatsApp has your everyday needs covered.

You can now send media without compromising quality, block unwanted calls, follow your favorite channels, and enjoy a fresh layout. Screen sharing, too, is here for interactive sharing in real time.

As you explore these new features, you’ll discover that WhatsApp’s evolution in 2024 is all about making your interactions more engaging, user-friendly, and secure.

WhatsApp’s dedication to innovation ensures that it remains an indispensable tool for communication in the digital age.

Stay connected and explore these features to unlock the full potential of WhatsApp in 2024.




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