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What is call divert and how to do the call divert in the mobile full detail?

Friends, inside today’s article, I will tell you how you can divert calls. There are many people who do not know how a call divert occurs. You can also call him to call forwarding service. If you do not even know, then read today’s article carefully. Also read it to the last because today’s article is just for you. In this article, I will tell you to step by step in full detail so that you also understand and you can share it among your friends.

What is a call divert?

Friends, if you send the call on your mobile number to another number, then this process is called call divert or call forwarding.

What are the types of call forwarding?

When Unanswered: In this, when someone calls in your phone and you will not be able to receive and then if that person calls again, the number you have given will be called forward to that number.

Always Forward: If you choose this, every call that comes on your phone will be forwarded to another number all the time.

When Unreachable: If you have gone somewhere and you have two phones, then if a phone runs out of charge or the network is not coming, then you can use it to forward the call.

When Busy: If you select this option, then when you are talking on a call with someone else, then incoming call will divert to another number. Example Like if you are talking to a friend and you have made a call in between, then the incoming call will divert to another number.

How to call forwarding?

  • So let me tell you how you can do call forwarding. For this, you have to go to your mobile settings and you have to search by typing call forwarding in the search button above. Then you have to click on call forwarding.
  • If your phone does not have a search option, then you have to go to Settings and click on Call Settings. You will find this in the settings of your phone.
  • going to call setting, you have to go to operator calls, related setting or career call setting, or additional setting.
  • going in it, you will get the option of call forwarding, you have to click on it.
  • that, if you have 2 sims on your phone then you will see both of them. Select the number from which you have to start the call forwarding service.
  • After selecting the SIM, you have to click on the voice from the voice and video option. Then that four types will come in front of you. Which we further said that you have to click on it from which to select it.
  • Then you have to put the number in which you want to receive the call. Just after doing this, your work will be done.

I have given you complete information about what is a call divert and how to do it. I have told you with a very easy method so I hope you understand. You must have understood.

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