WhatsApp Rolling Out Sticker Editor Feature: Here’s How to Do It

WhatsApp Rolling Out Sticker Editor Feature
WhatsApp Rolling Out Sticker Editor Feature

WhatsApp, the beloved instant messaging app, continues to evolve with exciting new features. In addition to its recent introduction of the ability to search messages by date, WhatsApp is now rolling out a brand new sticker editor feature. This latest addition evolves user experience and supports creativity among its users.

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Creating Stickers from Images

WhatsApp is now offering a new tool designed specifically for creating stickers from images. Android beta testers can rejoice as they gain access to this feature by simply updating to version of the app.


Creating stickers from your favorite images has never been easier. Users can convert any image into a sticker effortlessly.

They can access the sticker keyboard and choose the “create” option, or directly open the image, access the overflow menu, and select the “create sticker” option.

Editing Existing Stickers

Not only can users create stickers from scratch, but they can also edit existing ones with ease. By selecting the “edit sticker” option, users can refine their stickers to match their preferences.

WhatsApp’s intuitive drawing editor automatically opens, allowing users to focus on the subject within the image.

If the style doesn’t quite suit their taste, alternative stickers are readily available at the bottom of the screen. It allow users to express themselves uniquely and creatively, without the hassle of external sources or additional app downloads.

Enhanced Convenience and Creativity

With the introduction of the sticker editor feature, WhatsApp users can express themselves more uniquely and creatively than ever before. WhatsApp’s Sticker Editor Feature helps users save time and energy.

WhatsApp cares about making users happy by adding new and useful things. They want to give users what they need and like.

Wind Up

In short, WhatsApp’s new sticker editor feature is awesome! It let users make amazing stickers from pictures easily and saves time.

Chatting gets more fun with this feature. WhatsApp always makes things simple for us, and this is another great example. Speak yourself about this advancement in the comments below.



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