Apple iPhone 15 Launch Date Scheduled: Report

iPhone 15 Launch Date
iPhone 15 Launch Date

After almost a month of anticipation, tech enthusiasts were expecting news from Apple for their upcoming iPhone 23. While the Apple iPhone 15 Event Launch Date has been scheduled, iPhone lovers went crazy.

The wait is finally over, as Apple has unveiled the schedule for its ‘Wonderlust’ launch event on September 12, 2023.

Set to take place at 10:00 AM PT (10:30 PM IST). This event will not only introduce the iPhone 15 but about the hardware offerings.


Let’s dive into the depth to know what the event will come up with.

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Apple iPhone 15 Launch Event Date

Apple, Known for its innovative implementation and cutting-edge products, is now set with the most awaited event.

At the striking Steve Jobs Theater nestled within the Apple Park campus, the company will take the stage to reveal its new wonders.

Apple iPhone 15 Launch Event will be live by September 12, 2023, as declared by the officials.

While Apple hasn’t decided not to present it live, but can come up later with pre pre-recorded presentation for both in-person attendees and those joining virtually.

The Highlight: Apple iPhone 15 Lineup

The purpose of this event is mainly centered around the new iPhone 15 Series launch. A new gadget with splendid variants and comes with a USB Type-C charging port across all models.

Users will witness all new features with better technology than before with this launch.

This occasion might also mark the official release of the iOS 17 update, introducing features like Namedrop and Contact Posters, sure to captivate users.

Exciting Changes Await

Prepare for an array of exciting transformations within the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup. One notable change is the absence of the traditional mute switch.

In its place, Apple is poised to introduce an action button reminiscent of the Apple Watch Ultra.

This reprogrammable button will offer more functionalities beyond the conventional mute switch.

Furthermore, brace yourself for a subtle redesign, the introduction of a titanium frame for the Pro models, the new A17 Bionic chip exclusively for the Pro models, and an assortment of other enhancements.


Along with the Apple iPhone 15 Event launch date scheduled for September 12, 2023 tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Apple Watch 9 and the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra.




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