How to Pin and Unpin Message on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and Web: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pin Message WhatsApp
Pin and Unpin Message WhatsApp

WhatsApp, a widely-used messaging app in India, offers various features to enhance user experience. One such feature is pinning messages, which allows users to prioritise important conversations and information. Here, we’ll learn to pin a message in WhatsApp on different devices for effective communication experience.

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How to Pin a Message on WhatsApp

Pinning a message in WhatsApp is a straightforward process that can be done on both Android and iOS devices. Whether you’re planning a meet-up or sharing vital information, pinning messages ensures easy access to important content.


Pinning on Android

To pin a message on Android:

  1. Open the WhatsApp conversation.
  2. Press and hold the message.
  3. Tap the overflow menu and select “Pin.”
  4. Choose the duration for pinning the message.
  5. Confirm by tapping “Pin.”

Pinning on iPhone

On an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp conversation.
  2. Press and hold the message.
  3. Tap “Pin.”
  4. Select the desired duration for pinning.

Pinning on WhatsApp Web and Desktop

Even when using WhatsApp on a computer, pinning messages is possible:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web or Desktop.
  2. Navigate to the conversation.
  3. Hover over the message, click the downward arrow, and select “Pin.”
  4. Choose the duration for pinning.

How to Unpin a WhatsApp Message

Unpinning a message is as simple as pinning it. Users can easily remove pinned messages when they’re no longer needed, ensuring the conversation stays organized.

Wind Up

Knowing how to pin messages in WhatsApp can greatly benefit Indian users by streamlining communication and prioritizing essential information.

Whether it’s planning an event or keeping track of important details, pinning messages ensures they’re always at the forefront of conversations.

By following these splendid steps in the guide, users can make the most out of WhatsApp’s features and enhance their messaging experience.



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