WhatsApp Channels Four New Features You May Need Know in January 2024

WhatsApp Channels Four New Features
WhatsApp Channels Four New Features

WhatsApp Channels, introduced in late 2023, revolutionised communication worldwide for brands, celebrities, and public figures. The recent development by WhatsApp’s dedicated team brings the channels four significant new features, enhancing the functionality of this popular broadcasting tool.

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Voice Notes: A New Era of Interaction

Among the notable additions is the feature of voice notes or audio messages. Previously limited to text and media, this new capability allows channel admins to connect with their audience in a more personal and engaging manner.


The voice notes feature, long in development, is now making its way to the stable version, opening up exciting possibilities for content delivery.

Polls: Gauging Audience Mood

The integration of polls is another noteworthy update. Channel admins can now quickly assess the sentiments of their audience.

Adding polls is like asking questions to know what people like or want. In regular WhatsApp groups, we’ve had this for a while.

Now, WhatsApp Channels also get this cool tool. Mark Zuckerberg said people can choose multiple options when answering questions, making it easier for them to share their thoughts.

Multiple Admins: Streamlining Channel Management

Acknowledging the needs of large corporations and brands, WhatsApp Channels introduces the ability for channel owners to set multiple admins.

This feature is a game-changer, facilitating continuous communication with customers around the clock.

This enhancement ensures efficient management of channels, catering to the demands of diverse and extensive user bases.

Adding Channel Posts to Status: Enhancing Visibility

The announcement by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg includes the exciting feature of adding channel posts to user Status.

This addition witnessed in beta versions, brings more context to Status updates pulled from channel updates.

This feature not only amplifies the visibility of channel posts but also provides users with enriched content in their Status updates.

Wind Up

WhatsApp has introduced the channel’s related four new features. While the official rollout timeline for these additions remains unspecified, their exit from the beta phase signals imminent availability.

Brands and channel owners can anticipate improved engagement with customers on WhatsApp Channels, as these enhancements cater predominantly to their needs.

From voice notes for a personalized touch to polls for audience insights, WhatsApp’s commitment to evolving its broadcasting tool ensures a more dynamic and interactive communication experience for users across Android, iOS, WhatsApp Web, and desktop apps.



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