YouTube Music allow Comment
YouTube Music allow Comment

A well-known video platform and Google’s successful product that we all know, YouTube has always been serving the best features supporting splendid user experience.

YouTube recently launched their own music platform named YouTube Music, people found it very handy and the perfect music companion.

Now YouTube Music is going to allow users to comment on the songs they like, according to a recent update.


In this detailed article, we will learn everything about this recent update announced by YouTube Music.

The Power of Song Comments

Comments will play a great role in creating a sense of community among music lovers.

Users can easily express their feelings, share their emotions also connect with others which supports good networking.

Comments will also help fellow music listeners to know if listening to that particular song is worth it or not.

Commenting is like having a conversation with fellow music enthusiasts right in the heart of a music player.

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How to Comment on Songs

If you want to join the move and wondering how to comment on music, here is the way:

  • Open the YouTube Music App: If you’re not already using it, download the app and sign in with your Google account.
  • Search for a Song: Use the search bar to find the song you want to listen to and comment on.
  • Scroll Down: As you listen to the song, scroll down below the player.
  • Leave Your Comment: In the comments section, type your thoughts, feedback, or anything you’d like to share about the song.
  • Hit Send: After composing your comment, tap the send button to post it.

It’s a user-friendly process that encourages engagement among users, allowing them to express their feelings about their favorite tunes.

Benefits of Commenting

There are many useful benefits of commenting on YouTube Music, here are some:

  • Express Yourself: Share your thoughts, whether it’s about the lyrics, melody, or how the song makes you feel.
  • Discover New Music: Through comments, you can discover new tracks recommended by fellow users who share similar musical tastes.
  • Connect with Artists: Some artists and musicians actively participate in discussions, giving fans a chance to interact with their idols.
  • Community Building: Engaging in discussions fosters a sense of belonging within the YouTube Music community.


Google’s recently launched music platform, which allows users to listen to their favorite music has come up with a unique feature.

YouTube Music now allows users to comment on songs. This is a groundbreaking feature for music lovers and supports users networking as well.

While YouTube Music is set to make its smart move, we look forward to its success. Do let us know your thoughts on this development in the comments below.



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