Instagram working on customized post appearance on your profile

Instagram working on customized post
Instagram working on customized post

Instagram is working on a feature that might let you customize how your posts appear on your profile in the future. Instagram is a popular social media platform that you are familiar with. This trending app has billions of users all over the world. With time the platform has evolved into a robust interpersonal organization.

You all must be knowing that earlier Instagram was mainly used as a photo and video-sharing platform. Recently it has been adding many more useful features to make the app more user-friendly. In this article, you will be knowing about its current development that might let you customize how your posts appear on your profile in the future.

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Instagram developing customized post appearance for profiles

As well known many artists use Instagram to share their photos and drawings. Though the app has many tools to edit your photos you don’t have control over how those photos will appear on your profile. But according to the reports, in this latest development, Instagram is working on letting you customize your post’s appearance on your profile.

As per the reports after this feature is made available, you will be able to choose and crop the part of the image you want to be shown on your Instagram profile. This feature will be especially useful for those who like to curate their profile’s look at a glance. This will also help those users who like to combine the thumbnails of each image on their profile so that it appears as a cohesive photo split into many pieces to the visitors.

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Instagram customized post appearance for profiles

This feature will also make it easier for those who just want to focus on only one specific aspect of a photo. This feature might be tied to another under-development feature that will let you arrange the order in which posts appear on your Instagram feed.

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Another customization option lets you select an aspect ratio for the thumbnails of photos on your feed. This will bring you the ability to have slightly longer photos on your feed which will add a bit of variation to it. You will also be able to upload portrait photos of a 4:5 aspect ratio in your feed.

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However as already mentioned both these features that let you customize how your post appears on your profile are under development process so it is not available to the general public at present. The company has yet to make no announcements on when this will be finally released to the users. But those who customize their feed can expect to see something in near future. For the more latest information on upcoming updates keep following us.

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