WhatsApp introduce new interface for action sheets for iOS

Whatsapp for iOS action Sheets
Whatsapp for iOS action Sheets

WhatsApp is continuously updating its iOS app, bringing a fresh look and new changes almost every day.

The latest update includes three major feature enhancements and the ability to send video messages.

Now, WhatsApp introduces a fresh look, and new design element, focusing on enhancing user experience and aesthetics on the IOS app.


Redesigned Action Sheets: A Modern and Sleek Interface

WhatsApp for iOS has rolled out a significant update with redesigned Action Sheets. The new interface replaces the outdated Apple API interface with WhatsApp’s modern design.

Users now experience a much more sophisticated and minimalistic look with translucent backgrounds and rounded edges.

Tiles are thoughtfully used to provide a clean and organized appearance for different options.

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Gradual Rollout for iOS Users

According to reports from WABetainfo, the redesigned Action Sheets are gradually rolling out to iOS users.

Although not explicitly mentioned in the official changelog, users can access the update by simply updating WhatsApp through the App Store.

For those who haven’t received the update yet, it’s expected to be available to all users in the coming weeks.

Meta’s Efforts to Modernize WhatsApp

As WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta aims to keep the app visually appealing and user-friendly.

With the latest update of WhatsApp’s new look on its iOS app redesigned Action Sheets, Meta showcases its commitment to providing a modern and sleek user interface.

Users can now navigate through options seamlessly, enhancing their overall interaction with the app.

The Impact on User Experience

The fresh look and modern design of WhatsApp on iOS contribute significantly to the user experience.

The updated Action Sheets make the app more intuitive and enjoyable to use.

By streamlining the interface and introducing a contemporary touch, WhatsApp ensures a positive user experience.


WhatsApp continues to surprise iOS users with its dedication to constant improvement and innovation.

The redesigned Action Sheets are just one example of how the app’s fresh look enhances user experience.

With Meta’s commitment to modernizing WhatsApp, users can look forward to more exciting updates and improvements in the future.

Update your WhatsApp to see WhatsApp fresh look on the iOS app experience!



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