Top 7 Best WhatsApp Features from the Past Decade: You Must Try

whatsapp screenshot profile photo
whatsapp screenshot profile photo

Since Meta acquired WhatsApp a decade ago, the messaging app has undergone significant transformations, becoming an indispensable tool for billions worldwide. Despite initial privacy concerns, WhatsApp has thrived under Meta’s ownership, continually evolving to meet users’ needs.

Here we’ll talk about the top 7 WhatsApp features over the last decade.

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1 Voice and Video Calls (2016)

WhatsApp’s introduction of voice and video calls in 2016 marked a pivotal moment, enabling seamless communication beyond text messages.

This feature quickly gained popularity, solidifying WhatsApp’s position as the go-to platform for both voice and video calls, despite initial quality limitations compared to competitors like Google Duo and Apple FaceTime.

2. Chat Backup to Google Drive (2018)

The implementation of cloud chat backups in 2018 was a game-changer, offering users peace of mind and convenience. Cloud backups safeguarded WhatsApp data, facilitating easy restoration and device switching.

Despite recent changes impacting storage quotas, the feature remains invaluable for preserving precious conversations and media.

3. Multi-device Support (2021)

Addressing a long-standing demand, WhatsApp introduced multi-device support in 2021, allowing users to access their chats across multiple devices.

This enhancement not only enhances flexibility but also ensures privacy, with end-to-end encryption extending to secondary devices. Whether on a laptop or a secondary phone, staying connected has never been easier.

4. Disappearing Messages (2020)

WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy manifested in the introduction of disappearing messages in 2020. This feature grants users control over message retention, bolstering confidentiality and security.

Whether for fleeting conversations or enhanced privacy, disappearing messages offer users greater autonomy over their digital interactions.

5. Lock Chats (2023)

In 2023, WhatsApp further fortified privacy with the introduction of chat locking, allowing users to safeguard individual chats behind biometric authentication.

This added layer of security ensures sensitive conversations remain confidential, even if the device falls into unauthorized hands. Combined with app-wide fingerprint locking, WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy.

6. Sharing Live Location (2017)

WhatsApp’s live location-sharing feature, introduced in 2017, enhances safety and convenience, allowing users to share their whereabouts in real time with contacts.

Whether coordinating meetups or ensuring personal safety during remote excursions, live location sharing offers unparalleled peace of mind.

7. High-Quality Media Sharing (2021)

In 2021, WhatsApp addressed a longstanding limitation with the introduction of high-quality media sharing. This opt-in feature enables users to transmit photos and videos in enhanced quality, enriching communication experiences.

While defaulting to standard quality preserves bandwidth, the option for high-quality transfers enhances visual communication.

Wind Up

Despite challenges and controversies, These top 7 WhatsApp features have emerged as an indispensable communication platform over the last decade.

Meta’s continued investment in feature enhancements underscores WhatsApp’s enduring relevance in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

As we look ahead to 2024 and beyond, WhatsApp remains poised to introduce further innovations, reaffirming its status as a cornerstone of global connectivity.




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